Breaking News: Nets Sign LaMarcus Aldridge

They’ve done it again. In what came as a shock to Nets and NBA fans, sources are reporting that former Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs star LaMarcus Aldridge is signing with the Brooklyn Nets for the remainder of the 2021 NBA season. The Nets further solidify their lineup as they seem to add their final piece for a run for a title this spring. Aldridge, who seemed all but certainly on his way to Miami to join the Heat, clearly had other plans. Aldridge will find little trouble finding his minutes in a rotation loaded with big names.

The New Big Man Rotation

Outside of Kevin Durant starting at the four, there are plenty of ways the Nets can mix and match a lot of different ways. Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Nicolas Claxton, and Jeff Green will all find time playing either the four, or five during the playoffs and the remainder of the regular season. This plethora of depth and options gives the Nets plenty of flexibility to rest guys as the playoffs come closer as the week’s progresses. Aldridge will most likely find himself playing a stretch five, sharing minutes with both Jordan and Claxton. This also gives the Nets the opportunity to move both Green and Griffin away from playing the small ball five.

Although Aldridge is not the player he once was, he is still good for double-digit points. Aldridge averaged 18.9 PPG last season and 13.7 PPG so far this season. Only time will tell how Aldridge fits into a Nets team ready to make a run for greatness.

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