Mets, Francisco Lindor Agree to Ten-Year Extension

After an offseason of debate, the deal is done. The New York Mets and new owner Steve Cohen have reached an agreement with superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor on an extension. The deal will be worth $341 million over ten years. For the first time since Jose Reyes, the New York Mets have a franchise shortstop. Lindor’s agent set a deadline of opening day for an extension as he is on a contract year and would have tested free agency if a deal wasn’t made.

This was the biggest move the Mets made in a while, and on January 7th when the Lindor trade was official, it cost the Mets a lot. As a matter of fact, it took former number one prospect, Amed Rosario, breakout 2020 player Andrés Giménez, along with prospects Josh Wolf, and Isaiah Greene. When the deal was announced this seemed like a steal, but as the past few months have gone on, people wondered if it was too much due to not having a deal.

What’s the holdup?

On Monday it was reported the Mets offered 10 years, $300 million. The next report was from Lindor’s camp, and that was rumored to be 12 years $385 million. In the past seventy two hours it seemed the two sides were very far off. As recently as this afternoon, it didn’t seem like a deal would be done by Lindor’s deadline.

At literally the 11th hour, the Francisco Lindor contract was signed, and the real season begins.

For me, this was a must for the Mets. In Steve Cohen’s first real move as owner, he made a huge splash. If he didn’t resign Lindor, it would look very poorly on him and the rest of the team. With the season only hours away, the looming question of Lindor resigning is gone. Moreover, there will be no “black cloud”, and now it’s all settled on the diamond. Equally important, Lindor will now get the compensation he felt he deserved, and is the third highest paid player in the MLB.  The deal includes a 21 million dollar signing bonus, as well as 50 million in deferred payments.

What does this do for the Mets? 

Now the Mets will have a top five shortstop for a decade. Furthermore, they will be huge threats in the National League for years to come. Lindor brings his two Gold Gloves, along with his 2016 Platinum Glove. Additionally, he brings two Silver Sluggers and four All Star Game appearances to Queens for ten seasons.

This is an absolute game changing extension for the Mets. I expect this marriage to work put very well, and result in a 2021 playoff appearance, and many more.

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