Knicks Struggle Badly on Offense as they Fall to the Mavericks

Knicks vs Mavericks Recap

The New York Knicks lost to the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 99 to 86. The whole game it looked like the Knicks were a step slower than the Mavericks as they couldn’t just quite keep up with them throughout the game. This was a low-scoring game that the Knicks just couldn’t do anything on offense. As they only scored 86 points. The Knicks shot a poor 36 percent from the field compared to the Mavericks 47 percent. Additionally, both teams shot an equivalent 32 percent from beyond the arc. Every other stat for the game was fairly similar besides points in the paint in which Dallas dominated New York scoring 50 points compared to 30 points.

The Knicks outscored the Mavericks by a score of 25 to 22 in the first quarter. However, in the second, the Knicks would go on a big run with the bench cutting the lead to 13. The biggest contributors were Alec Burks and Obi Toppin. However, this run quickly ended as the Mavericks went on a run of their own and ended the half with a three-point lead. It just felt like New York let their guard down a little bit.  This helped Dallas go on a big run. So, the Mavericks outscored the Knicks by a score of 27 to 21 in the second quarter.

The third quarter was very even between the two teams as both teams scored 23 points. Although, in the fourth quarter the Knicks offense couldn’t get one good opportunity for a shot. Because of this, the Mavericks lead ballooned to 15. The quarter ended with the Mavericks outscoring the Knicks by a score of 27 to 17.

Overall, the Knicks did not play well at all against the Mavericks. Their defense couldn’t hold them long enough because of the lackluster offense. The Knicks will look to bounce back from this excruciating loss as they travel to Detroit to verse the Detroit Pistons.


The biggest shine in this loss was Obi Toppin. The high flyer made a big difference in only ten minutes as he scoring 9 points with 2 rebounds shooting 80 percent from the field with five attempts. In addition, Toppin had the Knicks second highest plus minus having a plus 5 for the game. Toppin was a sparkplug for the Knicks as he helped them get on a run early in the second quarter. The other player that stands out in this loss is Alec Burks. Burks had himself another 20 points game with 2 rebounds and 1 assist. He shot 54.5 percent from the floor and a team best 66.7 percent from three. Both Burks and Toppin hope to continue their hot streaks to help the Knicks win heading into Detroit.

The offense overall just could not get going in the second half. The Knicks only scored a total of 40 points in the second half which isn’t relative at all to Dallas’s 50. Also, only shooting 36 percent from the field and 32 percent from beyond the arc is not good enough to beat a playoff team. Overall, the Knicks offense just wasn’t there for the game as they only totaled 86 points.


In conclusion, the New York Knicks lose to the Dallas Mavericks by a score of 99 to 86. New York has to do a better job offensively if they want to wins games and compete for the playoffs. The Knicks look to tackle their mistakes going forward as they set to face the Pistons.

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