Breaking: Knicks Sign John Henson To 10-Day Contract

The New York Knicks have signed another big man, agreeing to a 10-day contract with John Henson just days after signing Norvel Pelle. Henson last played in the NBA during the 2019-2020 season where he spent time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons. Henson, the former lottery pick, was a member of the Bucks for 7 years, once anchoring their defense and playing significant minutes. However, Henson is no longer the player he once was but is still a capable NBA player who can provide solid minutes for a Knicks team that lacks size. 

The Knicks’ need for big men 

With Mitchell Roberson likely out for the rest of the year with a fractured foot, the Knicks desperately needed to sign some big men to help Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson, especially after missing out on Andre Drummond. The Knicks took a chance on Norvel Polle and he played well in his first game but he isn’t a long-term answer. Henson isn’t either, but right now, the Knicks have few options. The Knicks will need defense and rebounding from Henson, something they can expect, but won’t see much in terms of scoring from him, something the Knicks need.

The big man averaged five points and four rebounds in his last stint in the NBA.  Henson is nothing other than insurance for the Knicks right now, but if the opportunity presents itself with injuries and poor play from others, Henson could very well get some minutes and even earn himself a second 10-day contract. 

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