Giants better option: Jaylen Waddle or DeVonta Smith

With the upcoming draft, there is one hole that the Giants are missing that being weapon for Daniel Jones. Holding the 11th overall pick, there will most likely be one of the top 2 wideouts in this year’s draft. This year is heavily loaded with quarterbacks and teams that are looking for a quarterback the Giants will most definitely have their pick on top-tier talent in this year’s draft.

Jaylen Waddle:

Jaylen Waddle, the man out of Alabama is looking primed for a run in the NFL. The pass-catcher out of Alabama was itching times from top QB Mac Jones. Waddle, who missed 6 games with a broken ankle is still a top guy. Coming off his junior year which was looking to be a career year before his injury. In his first 2 seasons, he was catching from now Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa. 2 quarterbacks that were top of their class. The question on Waddle is was it the quarterback or his skills.

DeVonta Smith

The other top wideout from Alabama, DeVonta Smith, is poised for top positioning in this year’s draft. Being the deep threat for top QB talent for Jones sure helped his case. He ended the season with nearly 2000 yards and over 20 touchdowns in a stellar year, this being his senior season. Smith is still a year older than Waddle. The deep threat averaged 16 yards per catch in his 4 years at Alabama. He also caught from essentially the Same QBs as Jaylen Waddle.

The Giants Play Style:

The play style for the Giants is more ground and pound this being due to having a 2 headed monster at running back with Saquon Barkley and Wayne Gallman. The additions of Kyle Rudolph, Kenny Golladay, and John Ross also help build a better understanding of if the playstyle will be changing as we approach the draft. With a ground game-focused, opposing teams can a lot of the time stack the box on a generally weak front line. Adding Rudolph hopefully can bring more security in the front of the line.

Which Wideout is the Best Fit:

The answer to this question has to obviously be DeVonta Smith. His playmaking style will blend itself nicely into the play-action pass game set up by Barkley. This will help the offense flow more smoothly and take pressure of the offensive line and Daniel J0nes. Waddle would still be a good fit for this team. However, his injury history and short game don’t blend as well as Smith’s playmaking ability. The deep threats of Ross and Smith would make it a nightmare for opposing defenses especially when Golladay is out there. Then having Rudolph and Evan Engram locking down the tight end position there will be plenty of people for Jones to throw to. Never mind than having a top running back in the league to back the offense up.

Final Thoughts

With the addition of Smith, the Giants would be more than solid of offense and potentially a top offense in the league. Especially in the weaker NFC east. Either way, the Giants should more than make out in this year’s draft.

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