Rangers Struggle, Fall 5-2 To Penguins

Pre Game Preview 

The New York Rangers will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight as they continue their push for the playoffs. Heading into the game the Rangers sit one spot out of the playoffs and have a record of 18-15-5. The Penguins are the 3rd seed in the division and have a record of 24-13-2, but will continue to be without some key players. 

Key Players

In the Rangers last meeting with this team they won 8-4 with some strong outings from key players. Adam Fox, Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, and Ryan Strome have to emulate their play to get this win.  All the players listed before were on the score sheet last game with multi-point games, on a Pittsburgh team with normally great defense.

Period 1

1-0 Penguins after the 1st. The Penguins outplayed the Rangers that period, there is no other way to put it. The Penguins wanted it more. After the Penguins scored the Rangers started to pick it up but need to do better for a win.

Period 2

Penguins 3, Rangers1 end of the 2nd. The second was pretty much the same thing, the Rangers were outplayed. Pittsburgh did everything better, the Rangers outshot them 10-6 but Pittsburgh found the back of the net twice compared to the Rangers one time.

Period 3

Pittsburgh 5, Rangers 2, final. In simple terms the Penguins wanted it more, the Rangers blew out the Pens last game and Pittsburgh was out for blood. It was another slow period with lazy playing and that was the downfall. Everyone has off nights but unfortunately, the whole team had one in a time where every game counts.

Game Takeaways

They looked lethargic” –Steve Valiquette the former Ranger said it best. Tonight the Rangers were slow, they didn’t want it bad enough and unfortunately that does not cut it at the highest level. Bad backchecking, a horrible penalty shot attempt, Mika Zibanejad being a -2, and nobody having a fire in them, in the end, caused the loss. Lets be positive though, it’s one game, we have more to go like tomorrow night. The Rangers should all wipe a clean slate and look for a new start as they face the Islanders tomorrow night in Long Island. 

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