Knicks Take Down The Lakers to Win by a Score of 111-96

What a game it was for the New York Knicks! Not only were they able to surpass an injured but still tough Los Angeles Lakers, but once again showed the world why New York is different when compared to the rest. When a team desperately wants to win, they show that with their body language and attention as well as their game. The Knicks covered all three categories in their 111-96 win tonight. The Knicks had improved to 28 wins and 27 losses as they had won their third straight game in a row. Let’s Break down the action from Monday night’s showcase at Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena.


First Half

The first two quarters for the New Yorkers consisted of back and forth play. Although they had lost the first quarter 28-26, they battled back to win the second by a score of 29-24. This helped the Knickerbockers keep the game close, with a lead after half of the game. When the Knicks scored, Los Angeles kept on coming back to bring the game to a close deficit. Although the Knicks left the court on top by a score of 55-52, there were still some negatives.

RJ Barrett‘s 16 minutes were a time of his life which he’d like to forget. To ease the pressure off of Barrett, Julius Randle kept his success where he had scored 19 points with 2 rebounds in just 17 minutes of play. Another contributor included Derrick Rose, who came off the bench shooting 4/6 of his field goals with 10 points to help his team outplay their opponent.

For the Lakers, it was Dennis Schroder who helped keep the game close by scoring 17 points, shooting 6/8 of his shots from the field. Another key contributor in the first half was Markieff Morris, using the corner to his advantage. He shot 3/4 of his three-point shots with a total of 13 points. Overall, with both teams placing in the top three for their defensive success, there could only be one team on top, and that team was the New York Knicks.


Knicks Battle in Second Half

Not only did the Knicks show up to battle in the second half, but they also showed their opposition as well as the whole NBA why they are the most underrated team in the league. RJ Barrett finally broke out of his misery, scoring 7 points in the third and fourth quarter and had also put up 3 assists as well as 3 rebounds. Sometimes, it’s not about how good you are with the ball. Instead, the way that one could play shows that a whole team must be involved to win. That is exactly how the Knicks played tonight.

When going on a 13-2 run in the dying minutes of the third quarter, every single Knickerbocker played a massive part. Stealing balls, deflecting passes, and providing assists not only gave the fans something to love but the doubters something to understand as in how New York shows up differently. One player that stood out during the second half was Elfrid Payton. Not only did he end the game with 20 points with 3 rebounds and 2 assists, but Payton played one of his best basketball games in a long time. With Mitchell Robinson out on injury, Nerlens Noel clearly understood that his contributions to the basketball club had risen. Thankfully, with his overall intelligence, the Knicks were able to guide themselves against a title-contending Lakers.


Knicks Stars of The Game

Julius Randle- 34 Points, 10 Rebounds, 4 Assists

Dennis Schroder- 21 Points, 3 Rebounds, 6 Assists

Elfrid Peyton- 20 Points, 3 Rebounds, 2 Assists

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