Yankees Lose to the Blue Jays 5-4 on Walkoff HR

The New York Yankees were defeated by the Blue Jays 5-4 after Bo Bichette walked it off in the 9th. By losing this game, the Yankees lost the series 2-1. Thus, dishearteningly, the Yanks have lost 3 out of the 4 series they have played. It has been a rough two weeks.

Aaron Judge heats up despite continuous offensive woes

Aaron Judge is a strong man. A very strong man. Though the Yankees need more than just one player to start producing runs again, it is very encouraging to see Judge’s at-bats today. Judge was able to knock two solo home runs today, including one that went deep into centerfield. Judge hit the ball hard to the left side of the infield in his other two at-bats, ending 2-4 but reaching on an error. Should he keep producing like this, maybe the Yankees could start winning more often, with Judge at the head of the lineup.

On the flip side, only Gio Urshela, Gleyber Torres, Brett Gardner got hits. With the offense totaling 5 hits, it is surprising that they were able to get to 4 runs in the first place. Nevertheless, the Blue Jays racked up 12 hits, thus scoring 5 runs was a more realistic feat for them to accomplish. Still, the Yankees as a whole need to figure out how to step up their game,

Corey Kluber and Chad Green suffer

Corey Kluber came into today looking for a redemption game, as he bombed his last start. As such, while he did not have an incredibly awful game, going 4 innings with 3 ER, the lack of longevity forced Aaron Boone to us many relievers for the 3rd time in 4 days.

After this happened, it was only a matter of time before the Yankees bullpen flustered a bit and weakened. Eventually, after Yankees gave up just 1 run since Kluber left, Chad Green came in. Boone figured he would be able to send the game to extras. Nevertheless, Bichette called game on a 1 run shot to right center.

Ultimately, while the Yankees bullpen still looked sharp today, the Yankees need to get more length from their starters. If they don’t, fatigue could catch up to the relievers. That could eventually subject them to the injury plague all Yankees fans know of and hate.

Up Next for the Yankees

The Yankees will head back home soon in order to face off against the Rays on Friday-Sunday, followed by a quick short series against the Braves. Jordan Montgomery is slated to face off against Michael Wacha in game 1.

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