Breaking: LaMarcus Aldridge Announces Retirement

This morning, Nets’ center LaMarcus Aldridge unexpectedly retired from the NBA. The 7-time all-star announced his immediate retirement from the game of basketball via a variety of social media platforms. This was made official by the NBA as well as many respectable sources such as Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Charania. As this news is quickly being spread around, the NBA, its players, and its fans are all shocked. The most stunning thing about this move by Aldridge is that he did not hesitate to retire. What this means for the 35-year-old and the Brooklyn Nets is currently up in the air. This unfortunate situation could not be anticipated by anyone.


LA’s Health and Safety

After Saturday’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Aldridge missed the next two games for the Nets. He was out with what was reported as an “illness”. In his letter to the fans and current and past teams who he has played for, Aldridge announced more details on his health and wellness. “For 15 years I’ve put basketball first, and now it is time to put my health and family first”, Aldridge stated. He explained how he felt during that Lakers game and how his condition worsened with time.

What the veteran called an irregular heartbeat was “one of the scariest things I’ve experienced”. On his road to recovery and betterment, we all hope for the best for the now ex-NBA player. In the emotional message to the fans, players, and organizations, he also stated that he enjoyed and relished playing as a Brooklyn Net, and he loved his short time with the group. Much respect towards Aldridge by both players and fans is already being shown. We all wish him luck and keep him in our thoughts.


Brooklyn’s Potential Problems

Since the news broke, the Nets not only have to say goodbye to a beloved player, who was just recently acquired, but they need to fill in some holes in their roster. This being Sean Marks’ 5th season as Nets’ General Manager, he has had a lot of phone calls to make. Now that Brooklyn is missing 7 of their players for the past few weeks, Marks needs to make some signings. We are now several weeks into the free agency fiasco that took place shortly after the NBA trade deadline on March 25th.

After the sudden LaMarcus Aldridge retirement, the Nets need to quickly find a new big man. This has to be done before the start of the playoffs. Furthermore, the Nets have to get a replacement starting center. Brooklyn’s starter can potentially be Deandre Jordan once again, or they can fall back on another center in the free-agent market.

Besides signing more players, Marks needs to figure out where the money they used for Aldridge is going. Though money is the last thing that the Nets organization as well as Sean Marks is thinking about, it is an issue for the future. This is still the case even though LA accepted the veteran’s minimum with the Nets.

Another possible problem for Brooklyn is that they simply have to adjust to the absence of Aldridge. In addition, this Brooklyn team will most likely have to rely on other guys. Though this is not guaranteed,  players like Blake Griffin and Jeff Green may have to play more minutes and adjust. This is apparent, especially in the playoffs. Although the Nets have some potential problems, they will figure it out and guys will step up.



As the Brooklyn Nets look to go on a championship run, the loss of their starting center, LaMarcus Aldridge, will be a roadblock on the journey to the NBA Finals. There may be some obstacles in the way during the playoffs. As well as the team’s difficulties without their starting big man, Aldridge himself will face some hardships on his way to recovery. Hopefully, the Nets can come together and move on without Aldridge. Not only that, but hopefully LaMarcus can work on his health and live his life normally and happily again. The NBA misses LaMarcus, as many admire him for choosing his health and safety over everything else. We hope to see you back soon playing again.

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