How Will Golladay Impact the Giants’ Struggling Offense?

This offseason, the New York Giants have needed to make moves to put themselves in contention. Their biggest move so far has been the expected signing of star receiver Kenny Golladay to a four-year deal. The signing came as no shock to anyone, as the Giants had ample cap space and a struggling passing game. Signing the best receiver in this free-agent class was a must for the g-men to give them offensive firepower. The question remains now, how does he fit into this offense, and how will he impact their production?

Player Breakdown

Kenny Golladay is a wide receiver that can do just about whatever you ask of him. He is a lethal deep threat who can also fit into the quick game. He excels at making contested catches with his large frame, which should definitely give Daniel Jones the handicap he might need. Golladay can be described simply as “a dynamic playmaker”, and it shows when you see his highlights. With an abysmal Detroit squad, he was able to put up 1190 yards and 11 touchdowns.

While he failed to put up pro-bowl numbers last year, it was because he dealt with a hip injury all year and only played in five games. He also had a falling out with Detroit’s coaching staff, which is to no one’s surprise.

Golladay’s Fit in The Giant’s Offense

Golladay joins a Giants offense that desperately needed a true number one receiver. Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton are good number two or slot receivers, but the Giants need a true star.

Golladay fits just that type. He can catch downfield bombs, fit in nicely in Jason Garrett‘s short game, and now with Saquon Barkley back, the amount of options given to Jones is nearly endless. Saquon can set up play-action where Golladay will shine, and Golladay can absorb the defense’s focus, leaving Shepherd, Slayton, Kyle Rudolph, or Evan Engram wide open.

Expect great things from the Giants offense this year, and expect the pressure to be on DJ to succeed.

Expectations for Kenny G

With all the hype surrounding the Golladay signing, there are mixed feelings on whether he’ll succeed. Some say Daniel Jones will hold him back, but I think it’s just the opposite. For the first year in his career, Daniel Jones has a returning OC and head coach, as well as a true number one receiver, and a top 5 running back in the league. He has a big safety valve now in Rudolph, and as previously stated, Slayton and Shepherd will have much less pressure from defenses. I think this signing will only elevate Daniel Jones to become the QB he needs to be for the g-men.

Stats-wise, you can expect WR1 numbers. Barring any injuries, he should eclipse 1000 yards fairly easily, and put up a minimum of 6 touchdowns. In the red zone, they might not go to him as much, with Rudolph being a huge TE with good hands. Barkley will get a lot of red-zone touches too, so Golladay’s touchdown numbers might not be those of a top-five WR. Golladay will be part of what Garrett will center drives around, driving down the field on throws to him and runs with Barkley. With that, you can expect his RAC numbers to be big, and his yards to be high.

While he might not put up the best stats next year, there’s no need to worry. Kenny Golladay’s impact on this offense will be that of a top 7, maybe even top 5 receiver.

Playoff Potential

This signing is the biggest move the Giants have made in a while, and it’s vital for the g-men. Not surprisingly, fans were persistent about wanting Golladay, and for good reason. Looking at the previously shown stats and his intangibles, it’s no shocker that he was heavily sought out. This signing has the potential to turn the Giants into strong playoff contenders, not only playoff but potentially NFC championship contenders.

Looking at the rest of the division, Golladay creates a huge mismatch against the other teams. Golladay can torch the Cowboy’s awful secondary and give the Giants a huge edge. The Eagles also have a bad secondary that the Giants can now fully exploit. The Washington Football team has a good defense, but their secondary isn’t as strong, and Golladay has the ability to create mismatches and give the Giants a chance to win against these divisional teams.

In general, the bolstering of the offense with Golladay gives the Giants the ability to win close games that they’ve often lost. Finding ways to win games is crucial for any team hoping to make the playoffs, and now the Giants have just that.

With the signing of Golladay and Rudolph and the return of Saquon Barkley, this Giants offense looks deadly. With a potentially explosive offense and their dominant defense, the Giants can make a serious push for the playoffs, and even a Superbowl.

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