Rangers Beat Devils 4-0 in Second Game of Series

Pre Game Preview 

The New York Rangers will take on the New Jersey Devils in “The Worlds Most Famous Arena” in the second game of a 4 game stretch. The Rangers beat the Devils’ last game in New Jersey and the Devils will be out for blood in the garden tonight. The Rangers need to win this game for any hope for the playoffs. The Devils need a miracle to make it in.

1st Period

The Rangers came our buzzing this period putting up 3 goals and holding the Devils to 0 Goals. It was a good period by the Rangers not making many mistakes. The Devils made many mistakes clearly shown by the score.

2nd Period

The Rangers still played great putting up one goal and holding the Devils scoreless. This period was pretty much the same. the Devils had a fire sale at the deadline and it showed. The Devils were lifeless, for Devils fans it was brutal to watch but for the Devils this year it is what was expected.

3rd Period

Both teams were scoreless this period but the Rangers did not need to score due to them being up 4 goals. Theirs not much to say after that period, the Rangers played a good game. the Devils did not.

Game Takeaways

That was a great outing by the Rangers, they played great and never let off the gas pedal. Our boys in blue, got scoring from the defense and offense tonight getting goals from Panarin (2) Trouba (1), and Lindgren (1). Shesterkin got his second shutout in a row and second of his NHL career. The Rangers will take on the Devils two days from now at the Garden in the third game of a four-game series against the Devils. The Rangers will need to keep up this play for a playoff push. Winning 8 out of their last 10 games. The Rags will need to keep up this momentum and continue to build off of this for a final push 

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