What Should The Knicks do With Obi Toppin?

Since getting drafted in 2020, Obi Toppin hasn’t entirely lived up to the role he imagined with the Knicks. Chosen 8th overall, Toppin was heavily praised with love by Knick fans all over. Coming out of the University of Dayton, he was thought to be an amazing player, using his strengths to help his team succeed. Obi currently plays a power-forward role, coming off the bench to get game time. However, what is the case with Toppin? Has he under-performed or adjusted to the NBA yet? What should the Knicks do when dealing with the situation of their former 8th overall selection?


Toppin Stays Put

The New York Knicks should not trade or “get rid of” their newly selected forward because although Obi Toppin isn’t a consistent athlete when needed, he always steps up and takes pride in the team. In his first season, Toppin currently plays 11 minutes per game, averaging 4 points, 2.2 rebounds, and 0.5 rebounds. While these statistics aren’t the best, for 11 minutes on the court, Obi shows he provides contributions to his squad. Toppin’s biggest role on his squad is his play without the ball. When the 23-year-old sets picks and moves around the court, he creates space for other players to get open and shoot the ball into the net.


When Toppin comes off the bench, he sparks the crowd, and has the energy to go succeed! He himself is from New York, so playing for the New York Knicks was always his dream. Every time you watch the games, you see Obi hyping up his teammates, and always ready to play for the fans and city. This shows that the power forward has a heart for his team. When a player on any team has the kind of love like Obi Toppin does for his Knicks, it’s incredible. On top of that, New York is currently in its best season since 2013. If they continue winning, they will be able to clinch a berth into the NBA playoffs for the first time in 8 years. How awesome would it be to finally see the Knicks rolling again? The answer: really awesome!


How Toppin Can Better His Game

Obi Toppin can improve his game by working on his mid-range shooting. There have been too many times in which Obi is left open and does not hit the shot. If Obi Toppin continues to practice his shooting, he will now have two successful features to his game, dunking, and shooting. His dunks are already incredible, as he placed 2nd in this year’s NBA All-Star Dunk Contest. In recent games, Toppin had scored more mid-range field goals. This gave him the confidence to continue shooting, in which he scored 3 three-pointers against the Toronto Raptors. The Knicks had gone on to win that game, extending their soon stopped win streak to nine games. When the Knicks are on their game, they are very hard to stop, especially due to their highly ranked defense which Toppin plays a heavy role in along with his partner Nerlens Noel.


Overall, if Obi Toppin continues his amazing play with constant practice, he could go onto becoming a shining star. The Knicks should keep Obi Toppin because sooner or later, he will rise and help them go big in the near future.

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