New York Knicks Week Ahead for The First Week Of March

The New York Knicks have begun a six game west coast road trip with a very important win against the Houston Rockets. The Knickerbockers are now two and a half games up for the fourth seed in the eastern conference. The New York Knicks will need to play well during this road trip if they wish to hold on the the fourth seed. If Sunday’s game was an indication of how the Knicks will handle this road trip then they are in good shape. Lets take a look at the remaining games on this road trip.

Memphis Grizzlies

First up is a matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies who will face the New York Knicks on Monday May third. The Grizzlies are currently thirty-two and thirty-one which is good enough for the eighth seed in the western conference. The Knicks last faced off against the Grizzlies on Friday April ninth. This game ended in a thrilling overtime victory for the Knicks. RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley both finished with a team high twenty points. Equally as important was Julius Randle‘s triple double. The overall head-to-head record for both teams has the Grizzles leading the Knicks twenty-four to twenty-three.

Denver Nuggets

The second opponent the New York Knicks will face on this road trip will be the Denver Nuggets. The Knicks will face the Nuggets on Wednesday May fifth. The Nuggets come into the matchup red hot winning nine of their last ten games. At forty-three and twenty-one the Nuggets are currently third in the western conference. The last matchup between the Nuggets and Knicks occurred on January tenth. The Nuggets demolished the Knicks one hundred and fourteen to eighty-nine. Nikola Jokic had a team high twenty-two points, ten rebounds, and five assists. Gary Harris poured in fourteen points while shooting two for four from three. The overall head-to-head record for both teams has the Nuggets leading the Knicks forty-eight to forty-four.

Phoenix Suns

The third opponent the New York Knicks will face will be the Phoenix Suns. The Knicks will want to circle this Friday May seventh matchup after the last time these two teams faced off. After scoring thirty-six points in the first quarter the Suns came back and defeated the Knicks. Led by Chris Paul who scored twenty points including some clutch fourth quarter buckets the Suns ended the Knicks nine game winning streak. The Suns are currently first in the western conference with a forty-six and eighteen record. The overall head-to-head record for both teams has the Suns leading the Knicks sixty-seven to sixty-four.

Los Angeles Clippers

The fourth and last matchup this week will be against the Los Angles Clippers. This matchup will be played on Sunday May ninth. The Clippers won the last matchup on January thirty-first one hundred and twenty nine to one hundred and fifteen. Additionally Kawhi Leonard scored a game high twenty-eight points. The overall head-to-head record for both teams has the New York Knicks leading the Clippers seventy to sixty-two.

My Predictions

My predication for the Memphis Grizzlies game is a Knicks victory. At this point in the season the Knicks are rounding into shape. The Knicks have been red hot winning nine of their last ten games. With Julius Randle leading the way the Knicks will come away with a victory down in Memphis.

Grizzlies 105

My prediction for the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks matchup has the Nuggets coming away with the victory. Nikola Jokic is the leading candidate for MVP for a reason. The joker is averaging twenty-six points ten rebounds and eight assist per game. In addition the Nuggets offensive fire power will be too much for even Tom Thibodeau’s defensive schemes.

Knicks 108
Nuggets 121

My prediction for the Phoenix Suns match up has the Knicks coming away with a victory. Looking at this six game road trip this is the game I am most confident about. After seeing Chris Paul celebrate on the garden floor like he just won a championship the Knicks will be looking for revenge. I expect Julius Randle to have a strong game while the rest of the club follows suit.

Knicks 99
Suns 97

My final prediction for the Knicks and Clippers matchup has the Knicks coming away with the victory. The Clippers are notorious for implementing load management. Furthermore with only four game remaining for the Clippers this will be the perfect opportunity for the Clippers to rest some players. I expect the Knicks to take advantage if they do.

Knicks 119
Clippers 91

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