The Mets Pick Up Two Consecutive Wins Against The Phillies

The New York Mets defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 8-4, at Citizens Banks Park on Sunday night. This is the second win in a row for New York, finishing the series in their favor. 

The Phillies Lack Defense

Philadelphia had numerous errors tonight that the Mets were able to capitalize on. After their 1-0 lead after the first, the Mets had the opportunity to strike back. The first error of the night came from Bryce Harper, who allowed Michael Conforto’s hit to escape his grasp. Harper’s misinterpretation ushered Jeff McNeil to tie the game. 

In addition, the Phillies failed to make simple plays tonight. An obtainable line drive from Pete Alonso left Alec Bohm scrambling. Alonso made it to first due to the disorganized rush of Bohm. Zach Eflin also made an error in the top of the 6th that Dominic Smith was able to capitalize on, giving the Mets a 2-1 lead. 

However, the Mets’ offense exploded in the later innings, thus making these errors so dangerous. 

The Eruption of Mets Offense

Didi Gregorius’s triple home run in the bottom of the sixth did not stall New York’s performance.

The Mets recorded their best inning all season with the acquisition of 6 runs. Kevin Pillar’s solo home run was the fuel in this long-lasting flame. But the continuous errors of Philadelphia kept the fire going. After Hoskins let a bad bounce and frustration get the best of him, Jonathan Villar tied the game. 

Yet it was Pete Alonso who led the charge. His perfectly placed double allowed 3 runners to score. The Mets’ solid production of offense seemed to seal this game away. However, the Phillies attempted a comeback in the ninth, which gave this game a nail-biting ending.

A Controversial Ending

New York seemed to have this game locked away. They led the Phillies 8-4, and were three outs away from emerging victorious.

A triple from Roman Quinn provided the Phillies with the momentum they needed. Quinn put them three runs behind the Mets. 

Rhys Hoskins stepped up to bat with eight home runs this season. Two men were on and Philadelphia was desperate for runs. Hoskins sent the ball flying into the stands and tied the game. But Philadelphia’s cheers were premature. 

The triple homer was challenged and reviewed by the umpires. After taking a closer look, Hoskins’ hit bounced off the metal fence at Citizens Banks Park. The strange placement turned the victorious play in the Mets’ favor. The Phillies’ disapproval was evident after the decision. The rivals’ final score came down to the close calls of the umpires. This game left the Mets victorious with a final score of 8-7.

What’s Next For the Mets

After three straight games against Philadelphia, the Mets will make their way to St. Louis to face the Cardinals. The four game series will begin on May 3 at Busch Stadium.

“We’re prepared to go out and play strong,” stated Pete Alonso in a post game interview. The Mets are fighting to win the upcoming series in order to remain at the top of the NL East Division.

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