How Has Blake Griffin Revived His Career In Brooklyn?

Blake Griffin has had quite the NBA journey, but now he is the starting center for the Brooklyn Nets. Griffin is a 6-time all-star, including his first five seasons in the league. Reunited with his buddy DeAndre Jordan from Los Angeles, Griffin is now a center competing for minutes with Jordan. The evolution of the modern NBA has certainly affected Blake’s play style. Blake went from never attempting threes to hoisting up 7 of them per game during his only all-star season in Detroit. Some fans may argue that Blake may be more skilled now than ever. Griffin certainly showed flashes in Detroit earlier this season that he was completely washed up, but since arriving in Brooklyn, Blake Griffin’s career has been revived. The resurgence of Blake Griffin in Brooklyn has been remarkable to watch for everyone, except for Detroit Pistons fans. 

The Career of Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin entered the league as one of the most highly coveted prospects in NBA history. Blake could jump out of the gym, handle like a guard, and dominate in the low post. Unfortunately, for Blake, he dealt with injuries throughout his entire career. Griffin missed his entire rookie season with a knee injury, but bounced back and made an all-star team for 5 consecutive seasons afterward. Moreover, the Clippers were winning games with Blake as their main scoring option. Griffin, Jordan, and Chris Paul were an unstoppable force both defensively and offensively. However, injuries continued to plague this entire Clippers team, primarily Blake and CP3 during the playoffs of most seasons, especially in 2016. 

Los Angeles paid Blake a max contract and then sent him off to Detroit. Blake quietly had his best season in 2019, before again, getting injured before the playoffs. In 2020, Blake Griffin only appeared in 18 games the entire season due to injury again. In 2021, Griffin was finally healthy again after various knee surgeries, but it appeared as if he had lost a step. Griffin didn’t dunk a basketball for over a year. Just two nights ago we saw Blake Griffin posterize Jakob Poeltl in a Nets uniform, so maybe he was just pretending to be bad earlier this season with Detroit. Regardless of the situation, it was obvious that Blake had lost a step following these injuries, and will never return back to stardom in the NBA again. However, Blake is playing a nice role currently with the Brooklyn Nets. 

Blake’s Role on the Nets

When Blake Griffin originally signed with the Nets, most NBA fans didn’t think that he would have an impact on the team. While Griffin isn’t playing big minutes for Brooklyn, he has recently been starting games and playing around 24 minutes. Griffin has been incredibly efficient in these short spurts. Griffin is shooting over 50 percent from the field and 40 percent on three-pointers. Griffin’s ability to space the floor will be crucial alongside Joe Harris and the big three. Griffin still needs to improve his rebounding from the center position, but luckily Kevin Durant and James Harden are great rebounders for their positions. When the Nets need rim protection, they can just throw in Jordan or Nicolas Claxton, perhaps alongside Griffin. The Nets have many good options, and with Blake Griffin playing the way he is, it would be hard to remove him from the closing lineup. 

The Future of Blake Griffin

The 32-year old Griffin will likely take a pay cut in order to stay on a winning team next season. It’s most likely that Griffin will resign with the Nets as they provide him with the best chance of winning a championship. Griffin is already comfortable in the system and plays a significant role. However, if the Nets win the championship this year, there’s a chance that Griffin may choose the Oklahoma City Thunder. Griffin was born and raised in OKC, and the Thunder can probably pay him more than any other team. Griffin could play heavy minutes and mentor the younger players while having already fulfilled his dream of winning a championship. Blake Griffin’s career resurgence has helped him blossom into an elite role player for the Brooklyn Nets this season, and hopefully for more years to come.

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