What Does Corey Davis Bring to the Jets Offense?

Going into this offseason, the Jets were a team with holes to fill and money to spend. After Allen Robinson was franchise tagged and Kenny Golladay demanded too much money, the Jets were left with few options to fill arguably their biggest need, wide receiver #1. On March 15, Tennessee Titan and former 1st round pick Corey Davis inked a 3-year, $37.5 million contracts. With this signing, questions came about. Is Corey Davis a true alpha number 1 receiver? Similarly, can Corey Davis succeed as the main option on a team? Given these questions, we can determine what type of impact Davis will have on the Jets’ offense.

Corey Davis’s Career

For a large majority of Corey Davis’s career, he has been considered a bust. Notably, Davis was the number 5 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, picked before players like Patrick MahomesDeshaun Watson, Jamal Adams, and Christian McCaffrey. Davis was unable to live up to the expectations of being picked 5th, as he played just 11 games in his rookie year due to a hamstring injury. After his rookie year, Davis produced an extremely promising year in 2018. All in all, he played all 16 games and had 65 catches for almost 900 yards and 4 TDS. All of a sudden, expectations were high again as Davis was great in his first year without injury. However, the addition of A.J. Brown and the re-emergence of QB Ryan Tannehill sliced these expectations. Davis struggled, recording just 43 catches, while Brown flourished in his rookie year with over 1,000 yards. 

In this roller-coaster of expectations for Davis, they were as low as they had ever been before the 2020 season. The Titans declined Corey Davis’s fifth-year option, making him a free agent after the year. Brown was someone who many thought would continue to develop and cut into Davis’s production even more. This is without even mentioning that the Titans are an extremely run-happy offense, as they run through Derrick HenryDespite these factors, Davis had his best season yet. He hauled in 65 passes for 984 yards and 5 TDs. The Titans couldn’t pay him his desired money, and he made the move to New York. 

What Will He Bring?

Davis will be a huge reinforcement to a team that had an atrocious WR depth chart last year. If he can replicate his production last year, he could establish himself as a No. 1 receiver. However, there are questions. The first of which involves his old team, the Titans. Will Corey Davis be able to be an impact without Henry and Brown? The answer is yes. In his year without injuries and without the emergence of Brown, Davis was incredible in 2018. He should return to that form as the top option on a hungry offense. This leads to another question. Is he the top option? Will the Jets drafting Elijah Moore to bring Davis’s production down? Not at all. Davis was paid over $12M a year. The Jets were willing to offer this contract, meaning they saw him being a significant contributor on offense. Expect Davis to see the most targets on the team during Zach Wilson‘s rookie year. 

Final Thoughts

Even though there are questions, Davis should fit in beautifully in the offense. His role on the outside will help Moore, Denzel Mimsand Jamison Crowder see more success. As for Davis himself, his development last year was incredible, and at the young age of 26, expect to see another jump. Let’s Go Jets!

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