Giants Last Ten First Round Picks Graded

The Giants have always been interesting drafters, taking risks and betting on the guys they believe in. Today I will look at their last eight first-round picks and review them.

2021: WR Kadarius Toney, Florida, Round 1 Pick 20

Grade: B

While he hasn’t played a snap yet, the early judgment on Toney is mixed. Toney is a versatile player with amazing athleticism and quickness. He has great agility and put up 984 yards and 10 touchdowns in his most recent season at Florida. The Giants were set to pick Alabamas DeVonta Smith at 11, but the eagles leapfrogged them. The Giants opted to do a trade with Chicago who gave them a future first as well as other picks. It is still incredibly early, but the Toney pick can go either way.

2020: OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia, Round 1 Pick 4

Grade: B-

The first of the top 4 OTs off the board, Thomas was injured for most of the 2020 season. Thomas had the worst season of the four, but he still has an insane amount of potential. He struggled early but looked great down the stretch. If he can keep improving he can be the franchises LT.

2019: CB Deandre Baker, Georgia, Round 1 Pick 30

Grade: F

Not much to say here. Baker had potential but the Giants cut him after being arrested.

2019: DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson, Round 1 Pick 17

Grade: A

Lawrence has stepped in and has become a key piece to the Giants strong defensive line. The young giant is a tough run stuffer and mixes well with Leonard Williams. Lawrence will continue to be a crucial part of Patrick Graham’s defensive game plan for many years to come.

2019: QB Daniel Jones, Duke, Round 1 Pick 6

Grade: C+

So far, Jones has been statistically one of the worst QBs in the league. The Giants reached six for the guy they wanted, and he has not been doing well. However, the Giants have finally surrounded Jones with proper weapons, and he has another chance to succeed.

2018: Saquon Barkley, Penn State, Round 1 Pick 2

Grade: B-

Let me start with this. A 3-13 team does not draft a running back. As exciting as Saquon has been, he has also dealt with injuries and the Giants had bigger needs. That draft class had Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen available, as well as Quentin Nelson. The only reason this grade is a B- is because Saquon won OROY and has not been a total bust.

2017: Evan Engram, Ole Miss, Round 1 Pick 23

Grade: C+

Engram’s career has had ups and downs. He has dealt with injuries but also made a pro bowl. That pro bowl season was by no means good, but at the same time, Engram has been a solid receiver for the team in the past when healthy.

2016: Eli Apple, Ohio State, Round 1 Pick 10

Grade: D

Right off the bat, Apple was a risky pick. The Ohio State corner had potential but also many concerns. Apple never panned out in New York, and would eventually be cut.

Overall the Giants have hit and missed. Drafting is tough and the Giants have work to do. However, their recent picks look to be future stars in the new Joe Judge era of the team

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