Nets rally in the second quarter to defeat the Bulls.


The Nets are in their final weekend of the regular season as they prepare for the playoffs. Today the Nets took on the Chicago Bulls who have the record of 30-40, while the Nets are 46-24. The Nets utilized their big three for the first time since February 13th. Brooklyn is also looking to clinch the second seed in the east. Their magic number to clinch that spot is down to 2. A win against the Bulls could help to make that reality possible.

1st Quarter

The Nets started the game very sluggish with a couple of turnovers and few missed shots. The Bulls took advantage and they opened out to an early 12-0 lead. Though the Nets were able to wake up thanks to Kyrie Irving. Irving was able to make a few nice three-pointers to help get the Nets some life. He looked locked in early. On the other hand, Blake Griffin started cold by missing a lot of his shot opportunities. The Nets were able to end the quarter down by one point. The Bulls led the Nets 29-28.

2nd Quarter

The game began to gain momentum in the 2nd quarter as both teams started to go shot for shot. Brooklyn took the momentum from the end of the 1st quarter into the second with Irving staying hot. Irving ended the first half with 20 points 1 rebound, 1 assist, and 1 steal. He carried the Nets to a 61-51 lead at the end of the half. Unfortunately, the rest of the big three was quiet. Durant only had a total of 6 points and Harden only had a total of 3 points. Overall the Nets got the job done in the first half.

3rd quarter

Early in the third quarter, the Bulls began to fight back as they were able to cut within five points from the Nets lead. Just like the first quarter, the Nets were struggling to make their shots and the Bulls were taking advantage of that. The Nets never broke in the third quarter as they made a couple of timely shots. Jeff Green created an open lane to the basket for himself as he had an impressive slam dunk that got the Nets bench to explode. The quarter ended with the Nets on top 79-71. The Nets looked to close it out in the fourth quarter.

4th Quarter

The Bulls were working hard to fight back into the game early in the fourth quarter.  Chicago even got within four points of Brooklyn. In the middle of the quarter, the Nets went on a decisive 12-2 run. Bulls fell apart defensively as Nicolas Claxton had an open lane for an easy dunk.


The game felt like it was over as the Bulls ran out of steam and the Nets never looked back as they went on to win 105-91. Despite Harden and Durant not putting up huge numbers in today’s win but it does not matter because Irving and the rest of the bench came up big. The Nets look to finish the season strong with a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 7:00 pm tomorrow.

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