How Can the Mets Maintain Success Through Injuries?

It is no secret that injuries have bit the Mets hard in 2021. Even before Spring Training began, Seth Lugo found himself on the IL. Not to mention the fact that Noah Syndergaard is still on the IL from his Tommy John Surgery last year. The Mets are playing games as the Syracuse Mets based on their roster compared to Opening Day. And Jacob deGrom just came back, so he isn’t even included.

Who’s Injured Right Now

As of 9:30 this morning, the Mets have 20 players listed on their injury report on ESPN. Of those 20 guys, sure, five of them are minor leaguers, and four of those five aren’t on the IL, but to have 15 MLB guys on the IL at one point in time is bizarre. Here’s just the list of guys on the IL who are genuine major leaguers:

Oh, and Jacob deGrom was on this list until he came back and threw an absolute gem last night. When you look at all of these injuries and realize that the Mets are not only staying afloat in the NL East but leading the division, that is impressive.

What is the Time Table for Some Returns?

Some of these guys, we honestly have no clue whatsoever. Some of the more important guys, however, like say Alonso, Syndergaard, Lugo, and Carrasco, we have some information on when they will return from their injuries.

Word on the street is that Seth Lugo should be back in action as soon as the middle of next week, which wouldn’t hurt the Mets at all. Lugo, of course, is someone who can both start and pitch in relief, which is great for New York thanks to their banged-up starting rotation. When Taijuan Walker and Joey Lucchesi are getting starts every fifth day out of necessity, it’s becoming a bit of an issue with injuries. And even Walker is out now.

Conforto, McNeil, and Carrasco are also all due back at the end of next month. Carrasco is yet to make his Mets’ debut, where McNeil and Conforto were both put on the shelf a couple of weeks ago when the Mets were in Tampa Bay.

How Have the Mets Handled the Injuries So Far?

Thus far, it’s been a bit of musical chairs for New York in recent weeks with all of the injuries piling up. Guys like Pat Mazeika have gotten the chance to play in Queens, and have been solid. Mazeika, in particular, has been making a bit of a case to stay in the lineup, or at least on the roster, even once the injury bug goes away.

In light of the recent injuries, the Mets have shown their depth. Even in a weakened National League East, it’s somewhat of an expectation that seeing things like injuries to this extent will cause a team to collapse and fall towards the cellar of the standings. Not for the Mets. They are barely over .500 this season, but it’s still good enough for first in the NL East, and if they can be winning the division now, look out once they get their guys back.

Final Thoughts On the Mets’ Injuries

Look, is this the situation that the Mets imagined themselves being in when we looked at the schedule back in February? Probably not. Floating along right around .500 almost two months into the season? Not with that roster. But the fact is the Mets don’t have that roster. They have the Syracuse roster from April 1, and the fact that they are competing says a lot about them as a team.

Mets fans, if you are getting concerned with how the team is playing right now, don’t. This is the Triple-A squad on the field right now. Wait until we turn the calendar to July and most if not all, players of importance are back. That will be the time to look into things. Let’s just hope that these guys can keep the Mets competitive until the IL clears up a bit because this team is going to catch fire once it does.

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