Can the Nets be the Best Postseason Team in NBA History?

As round one of the NBA Playoffs is underway and as of the date I am writing this, the Brooklyn Nets have a 2-1 lead over the Boston Celtics. They will not go 16-0 but some of the greatest teams in history never went 16-0. The 73-9 Warriors lost in the finals to the Cavs after being up 3-1. The 72-10 Bulls dropped 3 games in the playoffs 1 to the Knicks and 2 to the Supersonics. These are the best teams in playoff history and what do they all have in common? They all have what the Nets have, these teams all have a big 3. The Nets have Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden all with a unique skill set and a different play style. Here are 3 reasons why the Nets could be the greatest team in playoff history.

Nets Reason 1 – Kevin Durant

You can call him a snake you can call him a Traitor but you cannot argue that Kevin Durant is maybe the greatest scorer we have ever seen. He is a 7 footer with a jump shot that is the best from someone that size.  He has championship DNA. Furthermore, he knows what it takes to make it and win. He has proven himself in the playoffs time and time again. Whether it is hitting shots with Russell Westbrook or hitting them with Stephen Curry he is one of the scariest players to face in the league and adding 2 superstars next to him on the Nets just gives him more of an opportunity to score.

Nets Reason 2 – Kyrie Irving

The second reason is Kyrie Irving. Kyrie has a ring that he won with Cleveland, and he is maybe the best point guard outside of that guy from the Warriors (Steph Curry). He is leading his team and he showed that by averaging 26 during the regular season. He has averaged 26 per game even though he had played in only 54 games. Like KD that he is a star in the clutch and he is going to be for a long time for the Nets.

Nets Reason 3 – James Harden

The mid-season acquisition, Rick Ross, The Beard. James Harden was under a lot of heat in Houston and after the “Fat Suit” picture. He was then traded to the Nets and he had a good season, his averages were  24, 8, and 10. Additionally, all of this came in just 44 games this season.  He also adds to the offense they have to worry about Kyrie who can score at will KD who is a unicorn on his own. If you throw Harden in there that’s another MVP-level player that you have to worry about on the Nets. Most teams do not have 3 top defensive players to cover them.

To wrap it up the Nets are an interesting team they are really deep with Blake Griffin and Joe Harris and we cannot wait for them to play again.

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