What The Mets Need To Do As They Enter June

The New York Mets have an up and down month of May. They lost a fair share of games and also had essentially the whole team hurt. Remarkably the Mets still lead the NL East by 3.5 games with a record of 25-20. Although the division hasn’t been very good, it is still impressive that they haven’t fallen off. With the assumption someone else in the division is going to get hot, the Mets need to use the month of Jun as one where they can begin to take that next step. What needs to happen for them is pretty simple.

The Main Guys For The Mets Need To Hit

The lineup has looked dreadful for a while now strictly based on the fact that barely any of the main guys are healthy. But even with the lineup together, the Mets haven’t really been good offensively. Everyone knows about how Francisco Lindor has been struggling all season. But guys like Michael Conforto, James McCann, Jeff McNeil, and Dominic Smith haven’t done much yet. The good news is McCann and Smith have begun to look better, and Conforto and McNeil should be coming off the IL this month.

The Mets lineup gets a huge boost tonight with Pete Alonso coming back. Although he has underperformed a little bit this is still big for the Mets. As mentioned McNeil, Conforto, and others should be coming off the IL this month. Once these guys come back they need to start hitting. If the Mets lineup can’t get up to expectations, it is going to be tough for the Mets to string wins together.

Mets Staff Needs To Continue To Pitch This Way

The reason the Mets have stayed in any contention this year has been due to their great pitching. Obviously, the rotation is led by Jacob deGrom who is having another Cy Young caliber season. Behind him, Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker have been outstanding thus far. Both will most likely be All-Stars if they keep pitching the way they are. And as for Walker, with the pace he is at you could hear his name when people talk about Cy Young. The Mets will still need David Peterson to pitch better, however. The 5th spot has been changing all season, so whoever steps up will have to perform, whether is a starter or it’s the bullpen.

Speaking of the bullpen, they have been good this season too. The Mets have had a bunch of guys that have been good. Trevor May has stepped up in his first year with the Mets. Jeurys Familia has bounced back nice. Aaron Loup has been the lone lefty for the Mets and has been pitching well all season. Edwin Diaz still shows signs of dominance.

The bullpen is also getting Seth Lugo back which is huge for the Mets. If he can get to old form, and the guys currently can continue to pitch how they have, it will be huge for the Mets. We all know what a bad bullpen can do for a team after the 2019 season happened.

Win The Games That Need To Be Won

The most important part of this is that the Mets need to win the important games. Any divisional opponent they play against, they need to be able to win the series. Any bad team they play, they absolutely need to win the series, and hopefully, sweep. Obviously, the Mets will lose to a divisional opponent and a bad team this season. But if they can win the majority of those games, it will help the Mets a lot in trying to separate themselves from the rest of the division.

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