Breaking: Results Of The 2021 Draft Lottery

The New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers finished in the bottom 15 of the NHL. This means that both teams participated in the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery to earn a top-15 pick in the upcoming draft. In recent history, the Devils and Rangers have had a lot of success in the draft lottery. New Jersey won the first overall pick in the 2017 and 2019 lotteries. With those picks, the Devils selected current captain Nico Hischier and rising star Jack Hughes, respectively. On the other hand, the Rangers received the second overall pick in 2017 and selected Kaapo Kakko while in 2020 they won the lottery, using the first overall pick to select Alexis Lafreniere

The Possibilities for Each Team 

Finishing 29th in the league, the Devils had the same odds as the brand-new Seattle Kraken. The Kraken were automatically given the third-best draft odds, which were also the same as the Devils. The Kraken and Devils each had a 10.3% chance at the first overall pick. Furthermore, it was also possible for New Jersey to receive the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth overall pick. The highest percentage for the Devils was the fifth pick, which slotted the Devils at having a 44.9% chance at that pick. 

The Rangers finished 16th in the league, which gave them a 1% chance at the first overall pick. Furthermore, they had a 1.1% chance at the second overall pick. Their highest percentage was the 16th overall pick, which clocked in at a 97.1% chance. Due to the draft lottery changes, only picks 1 and 2 can be won. Therefore, the Rangers could’ve only had a chance at the first, second, and sixteenth overall picks. The Rangers got very lucky in last year’s lottery. Could they do it again?

The Devils Received The 4th Overall Pick

The Devils stayed exactly where they were slated. New Jersey ended up with the third-best possible pick that they could’ve received. Along with the 4th overall selection, the Devils will have another pick in the first round. The Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac trade sent the Devils the Islanders’ first-round pick. The pick will most likely be somewhere in the 20s and could be as high as 19th overall. In the end, the fourth overall pick will allow the Devils to receive another high-end prospect. However, it is a hope that this is the last draft lottery where the Devils receive a top pick for a long time. 

The Rangers Received The 15th Overall Pick

The Rangers also stayed in the same spot where they were slated. However, due to the Arizona Coyotes forfeiting their first-round pick, the Rangers were bumped up from 16th overall to 15th overall. The 15th overall is truly open to an array of players. This draft will be the first in a while that does not have a somewhat set order of which player will go in what slot. The 15th overall pick is the Rangers’ only first-round pick, barring any changes.

The Outcome Of The Draft Lottery

This year’s draft lottery held back on the drama. The only changes that were present were the Anaheim Ducks and the Seattle Kraken swapping places from the pre-lottery order. The Buffalo Sabres won the first overall pick, the Seattle Kraken won the second and Anaheim Ducks won the third. The 2021 NHL Draft will take place virtually and Round 1 will take place on July 23rd!

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