Nets Defeat Bucks 115-107 in High Flying Win

Pre Game Preview

The Brooklyn Nets will take on the Milwaukee Bucks in the first game of what is expected to be a great series. Some of the NBA’s top players will play in this series making for a thrilling night. The Bucks are looking for a championship with their star Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Bucks got knocked out of the playoffs last year by the Heat but got their revenge by sweeping Miami last round.

The heavily favored Nets will look to make their “Big 3” not look like a huge failure. With the free-agent signings of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, last off-season the Nets became championship contenders. During the 2020-21 season, the Nets shocked the entire league by trading for former league MVP James Harden. Surrounded by key role players like Blake Griffin and sharpshooters like Joe Harris, the Nets have constructed a phenomenal roster that’s “win or bust”.

Key Players

Kyrie Irving will need a big outing tonight sharing the backcourt with James Harden. The Nets will need Irving to play strong defense on the Bucks guards. Kevin Durant needs to be the KD that won Finals MVP. Durant is known for being a silent killer and will need to maintain his play like that tonight.

Fun Fact: Heading into tonight’s game, KD has put up 20+ points in his last 40 playoff games.

First Quarter

End of the first, Nets 30 – Bucks 32. 43 seconds into the game James Harden, went out with an injury. Kevin Durant is seemingly leading the way for the Nets. Kyrie Irving is having the same offensive impact, but KD is much better on defense this quarter. “The Greek Freak” is doing what he does best and the Nets have no real player to defend him in the paint.

Second Quarter

End of the first half, Nets 63 – Bucks 61. The Nets looked like a completely different team. Kevin Durant plays like a killer and looks to be the heartbeat of the game so far. Kyrie Irving has taken over this game, he has 20 points halfway through and isn’t stopping. The Nets played tougher and faster than the Bucks.

Third Quarter

Nets 98 – Bucks 84 end of the third. A slower start for the stars but they are playing fewer minutes. Brooklyn has maintained its lead and is largely outplaying the Bucks. One thing the Nets have to be wary of is that KD has 4 fouls, and needs to play smart after telling Steve Nash to keep him in.

Fourth Quarter

115 Nets – 107 Bucks. Brooklyn kept up their fast pace offense even with James Harden going out. The Nets never let their foot off the gas pedal. Stave Nash’s Nets were great. The Bucks were outplayed, plain and simple. Blake Griffin was clutch, playing how he needed to but sadly fouled out with a little over a minute to play.

Game Takeaways

The Nets played exactly how they needed to in order to win. Kyrie played great and KD was the killer we all know him to be. “The Greek Freak” lived up to expectations and as an MVP level player, but his team’s bench and supporting cast were far inferior. The Nets will take on the Bucks in game 2 Monday night in Brooklyn, with the Nets looking to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

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