What are Some Possible Deadline Moves for the Yankees?

What moves can the New York Yankees make at the trade deadline? With the trade deadline quickly approaching on July 30th, several teams across the league are looking to gain some firepower. The Yankees are one of these teams that can use a player or two to make their roster the very best it can be.

Joey Gallo is an outfielder for the Texas Rangers and is likely to be moved this deadline. The Rangers are struggling this season with a 25-43 record and look to be building for the future. Gallo is 27 years old and has a .216 avg with 30 RBI’s this season. He was also an All-Star in 2019. With the injuries, the Yankees have suffered in the outfield they can use a guy like Gallo.

Another possible trade candidate for the Yankees is Pitcher Kevin Gausman. Gausman has had a great season for the Giants so far and doesn’t look like he is stopping anytime soon. He currently holds a 1.51 ERA this season and can be a very solid complimentary pitcher to Gerrit Cole. While this is a bit of a reach it is most certainly possible.

Adam Frazier of the Pittsburgh Pirates can also most certainly be a race target for the Yankees. The Yankees bats are currently struggling and they can use a guy like Frazier to help out with that. Frazier currently holds a .324 AVG and has 24 RBI’s. The Pirates are also a team that is looking to rebuild and would most certainly have some interest in dealing Frazier if the price is right.

With the Yankees hopefully gaining Luis Severino back in July, they may not show as much interest in starting pitchers. If the Yankees do end up trading for a pitcher, it might not be as good as it looks. If the Yankees end up trading for a pitcher it might come off as them not being confident in their pitching rotation with Severino coming back. So the question here is, will Luis Severino perform well enough when he comes back so the Yankees won’t need another pitcher?

With some of these names available, the Yankees might make a jump for one of them. Injuries have been bringing down the Yankees from their full potential and gaining a high caliber player like one of these guys would only improve their chances at making a run for the championship.

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