NYCFC’s Failure to Finish Leads to Loss, 3-2

New York City Football Club lost 2-3 against New England Revolution in a game full of goals and missed opportunities for NYCFC.

The Game in a Flash

The first half highlighted New York’s problem of missing chances as they missed a penalty and a one-on-one situation. New England capitalized with a beautiful strike to make it 1-0 by the end of the half. New England would strike again in a set-piece goal in the second half, but NYCFC struck back with a set-piece goal of their own. It wasn’t enough though as sloppy defending led to New England’s third and final goal of the game, securing them the win.

NYCFC were without Nicolas Acevedo and Alexander Callens, two key players for the Blues. Acevedo was out due to suspension while Callens was out representing his country of Peru.

Back and Forth With Missed Opportunities

The first few minutes of the game were back and forth between both teams. NYCFC came into the game with their eyes on offense, but so did New England. New York had trouble putting plays together in the final third. Maxi Moralez and Alfredo Morales had trouble getting the ball past New England’s final line. New England had a couple of chances, but they were all squandered on the wings by Anton Tinnerholm and Malte Amundsen.

Around the 10th minute, a great fake from Valentin Castellanos led an opening for Jesus Medina to bring the ball down the wing. Right as Medina entered the penalty box, Andrew Farrell made a terrible tackle on Medina. The tackle never touched the ball and only brought down Medina, leading to a penalty.

Castellanos stepped up for the penalty. After a slight delay due to VAR confirmation, NYCFC’s number 11 took his shot but was denied by a wonderful save from Matt Turner. It was a crucial opportunity missed by NYCFC.

A similar opportunity came just ten minutes later. After a good passing play from NYCFC, the ball ended up on the left wing with Moralez. He was able to send a ball in just over New England’s last defender. The ball met Castellanos perfectly as he controlled the pass. He was just outside of the six-yard box with only Turner in his way once again. He went for a swift shot but a strong right hand from Turner denied Castellanos again.

NYCFC Suffer From Their Failure to Finish

NYCFC had a problem taking these opportunities, something that’s plagued them this season so far. New England, however, has no problem taking their chances.

At the 27th minute, New England struck, and they made sure they struck true. After clearance from NYCFC’s defense, the ball was lofted into the air. Both Morales and Keaton Parks were there to get it, but a misunderstanding between them led them both to hesitate to get the ball. Gustavo Bou took this hesitation as an opportunity and let loose a beautiful volley. The strike went right past Sean Johnson, who wasn’t expecting the shot, making it 1-0 for New England.

NYCFC wanted to bring it back fast. Their possessions became even more offensive, but more desperate as well. The desperation led to more mistakes, and Bruce Arena’s side never let up their offensive play. Their passes started to pierce NYCFC’s defense more often, with one pass from Brandon Bye going right in front of Johnson. Unfortunately for New England, no one was on the other side of it.

New England could play in such a manner because NYCFC was failing to finish. New England played the same way even before the goal, perhaps showing Arena’s confidence in NYCFC’s weakness. It paid off for the Revolution.

NYCFC had 46% possession and five shots by the end of the first half. New England had 54% and two shots. The difference is stark.

Super Sub Brings Light for the Blues

NYCFC made sure to keep up the offensive play coming into the second half. While solid in the first half, New England’s defense wasn’t exactly ready in the first few minutes.

About three minutes into the half, Tinnerholm was able to get the ball on the right-wing and make a cross to Thiago Andrade, who was subbed on during the half. The ball was a great pass back towards the forward, but he wasn’t able to put it away.

Andrade would have another chance in a couple of minutes. Moralez had the ball on the right-wing again, just inside the box, and was able to cross it to Andrade. The Brazilian controlled the ball this time and struck the ball true right past Turner and off the post to go in and make it 1-1.

The next couple of minutes would be an echo of the early first half. Both teams had their respective chances, each team testing the other’s keeper. NYCFC had 10 shots around the 75th minute, while New England had five. Possession was still in favor of the Revolution at 52%.

It wasn’t the best situation for NYCFC, who really wanted to make up for their two missed chances.

NYCFC Fought Hard, but New England Fought Harder

Around the 77th minute, New England made sure to capitalize on bad defending from NYCFC. A free-kick conceded by James Sands gave New England a chance from around 30 yards out on the right-wing. The free-kick led to an opportunity for Carles Gil to send a ball into the box. The pass was perfect for Jon Bell, who was completely unmarked. Bell put a header right past Johnson to make it 1-2.

New York wouldn’t just accept it though. Minutes later, a corner sent in would bounce around a bit before bobbling down to Ismael Tajouri-Shradi who would put it in nearly a yard away to make it 2-2.

The theme of the game was back and forth and New England made sure to help that theme stay true. Just four minutes later, a cross from Tajon Buchanan would dribble past Maxime Chanot and Sands to end up at former NYCFC player Tommy McNamara‘s feet. He would smash it right past Johnson to make it 3-2 to New England.

A couple more chances came in the last few minutes of the game, but nothing came of it and the Blues ended up losing 2-3 at the final whistle.

NYCFC had 18 total shots, with nine on target. They had more accurate passing and possession, but once again, their failure to finish led to another loss.

The loss moved NYCFC down to sixth place, with New England staying firm at first.

New York takes on Atlanta United next on June 23.

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