Possible Free Agent Targets for the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets had an incredible season that was cut short. Part of the reason was due to injuries to star players James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant stepped up to carry the team on his back, but it wasn’t enough for the Nets to win. Brooklyn built a superteam with Harden, Irving, and Durant, but it leads to other questions with the roster when you take on three big contracts. The possible main problem this season was with depth scoring or replacement options when injuries occurred. To be in a better place next season, Brooklyn will need to be aggressive in free agency with their remaining money.

Resigning Players

Eight players from this year’s team have either an RFA or UFA clause. Odds are the Nets won’t sign all of them, but out of the bunch, here’s who deserves a possible roster spot.

Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown stepped up late in the season for the Nets, adding some points and playing a significant role on the rebounding glass. While he was a former second-round pick, he got to start alongside the big three. Unless Brooklyn has someone else in mind to fill this role, Brown should be on this roster for next season.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin played an interesting role with the Nets. He was having a quiet season on the Detroit Pistons, but some of his younger self emerged when he came to the Nets. He was dunking, scoring, and rebounding. Griffin held a cheap contract this season, and if he wants to remain with Brooklyn, he will likely have to keep it this way.

Jeff Green

Jeff Green provided the veteran experience to this roster. He contributed daily to this team. When Brooklyn needed him the most after the Jarrett Allen trade, Green stepped up. A few weeks ago, Green said, “I’d love to settle down in Brooklyn,” and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

New Faces

With those other signings in mind plus the existing roster, the rest of the signings will probably be depth signings unless Brooklyn can possibly snag a deal for someone better.

JaVale McGee

Brooklyn lacked a true center for most of the season. While many veteran centers are on the market, JaVale McGee brings experience from his many playoff seasons. McGee has won three rings, and if he wants to add another one, joining the Brooklyn Nets will pay off.

Lou Williams

While this move is probably unlikely, it’s still an interesting name to throw out there. Williams was an incredible sixth man for the Los Angeles Clippers for many years. He was the go-to guy off the bench for the team. If Brooklyn can bring him in, their bench would be so much greater. It is possible the Nets push for him. 

Doug McDermott

Coming out of Creighton, Doug McDermott played excellently and was a lottery selection. However, the NBA hasn’t been a smooth ride for him. He has bounced around many teams in his short career so far. McDermott is a player who can knock down his shots and contribute in other aspects. He can be an excellent scoring option for the Nets, whether off the bench or as a starter. 



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