What Will Carl Lawson Bring To The Jets?

Heading into the 2020 offseason, the New York Jets had a lot of cap room and they spent it wisely. The Jets bolstered an already strong defensive front by signing defensive end Carl Lawson to a three-year 45 million dollar deal. This was one of the best Jets signings of the offseason, as Lawson has had a few solid seasons in the past with Cincinnati. Fans really liked the move, adding more power to the defensive line. Fans are hopeful that Robert Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich can take the defensive line to the next level, and the Lawson signing adds another great piece to the puzzle. But what does he bring to the Jets defense?

Carl Lawson’s Bengals Tenure

Lawson put together an impressive tenure in Cincinnati, earning him a payday with New York. 2020 was one of his better seasons. He played in all 16 games with the Bengals, being the anchor of the Cincinnati defensive line. Lawson finished the season with 5.5 sacks, 36 combined tackles, 18 solo, 18 assists, 4 tackles for loss, and 32 QB Hits. He also had 2 forced fumbles. Lawson also had a 76.3 PFF grade, which is very good.

He brings pressure on opposing quarterbacks and offenses, which is something the Jets happened to be very good at doing last season. For example, take a look at this short highlight video from the 2020 season.

Lawson is providing tons of pressure on every single play shown in this clip. And he does a great job at it. Take a look at the beginning of the video in the Bengals game against the Eagles. You see Lawson rush right in and push the offensive lineman out of the way like a ragdoll, and he goes for the sack of Carson Wentz. In the clip following that, he essentially does the same thing. he makes a great play, fighting his way through the offensive line to take down Wentz again. This time though, Lawson knocks the ball loose forcing a fumble.

The pressure he provides throughout the video and during each game makes you realize how good of a signing this was by Joe Douglas and Co. New York’s defensive line already was doing a great job of pressuring quarterbacks last season. Adding Lawson into the mix of Quinnen Williams, Foley Fatukasi, John Franklin-Myers, and Sheldon Rankins can be an absolute nightmare for the opposing quarterbacks.

Concluding Thoughts

The Jets made a great decision by signing Lawson to a multi-year deal. The talent and energy he adds to an up-and-coming defensive line is absolutely tremendous.

Lawson also mentioned on the Jets Twitter page that he wants fans to show up and be loud at games this season.

I mean there is nothing better than that. Seeing our new star defensive end asking fans to show up and bring the energy to help the team is just flat-out awesome. Lawson and the Jets energetic and young defensive line can hopefully finally give Jets fans something to cheer for, something we have been lacking for the last few seasons. Carl Lawson has the ability to become a star under the brightest lights in sports in New York, and under Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich, he may as well be taken to the next level in 2021.

Carl Lawson was the one piece the Jets needed to take an already talented defensive line to the next level. You never know, maybe a new version of the old New York Sack Exchange is on the horizon for the New York Jets in 2021 and beyond.



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