What Does Gerard Gallant Have To Do To Succeed

Who Is Gerard Gallant?

Gerard Gallant is a former player and now a head coach in the NHL. Gallant was very good in his playing days scoring 93 points in his best season. As a coach, his first stint in the NHL was with the Columbus Blue Jackets where he coached 3 seasons and made the playoffs in none. After the Blue Jackets, he would be an assistant with the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Islanders while also being the HC in the QMJHL. Gallant would coach the Panthers for two seasons making the playoffs in one. Then he would be the first coach of the Vegas Golden Knights

The Hand He Was Dealt With New York

The New York Rangers are currently in the ending stages of one of the quickest and effective rebuilds in all of sports history. Throughout the rebuild, the Rangers were coached by David Quinn. Quinn was really not the right guy for the job. Quinn had a habit of having a very short leash with young players leading to a stunt in their developments. The franchise of The New York Rangers has had a very shaky offseason/end of the season but now with a new Head Coach, General Manager, and more new management, the future is brighter.

How To Manage His Young Players

One thing Quinn was terrible at is managing his young players which is shocking since he had so much time coaching in college. During the season there were times where Quinn would play our young guys lower than older vets who did not really belong on that line.

The Rangers 2 years ago had one of the best prospect pools in the league but now it is a different story. Now all their prospects are becoming real players or busts so this next year will be big for their development.

Players like Kaapo Kakko,  Alexis Lafreniere, Vitali Krastrov, and K’Andre Miller will all be regulars on the roster next year. Gallant will know how to play them, he did it with Rick Nash with the Blue Jackets. Gallant did it with all the young talent with the Florida Panthers. With Vegas Gallant was also able to coach a bunch of rejects to a final in their first year.

What To Do With The Older Players?

With the Rangers near the cap roof and a lot of their young players expiring some of the vets will have to leave. It will be hard for Gallant to decide what to do in the upcoming months in regards to what players to keep, but most fans should feel he is right for the job. Gallant’s time in Vegas proved he can coach a mix of players young, old, and not wanted. He can coach and do it well. The vets on this team are still somewhat young for being viewed as “older guys”. The most important thing that they’re respected and listened to.

The Final Opinion

Gallant is more than ready for the task of coaching the Rangers. He knows how to win. He knows how to manage. Gallant has a few things he needs to do like name a C, he and GM Chris Drury need to talk about which players to move or bring in. He has a draft coming up. For fans, rest assured he will be great for the job, and he has his work cut out for him.


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