Giants’ Second Half Comeback Comes Just Short

The New York Giants played host to the New England Patriots in the final pre-season game of the year. What a tale of two halves it was. In what used to be the game where starters played three quarters, this year it was used for the last chance for upcoming players to make the 53-man roster.

After a week of joint practices, it culminated in this down-to-the-wire game where the end result was a 22-20 loss for the Giants.

Slow Half for Both Teams

After the first quarter, the score was 3-0 in favor of New England. Daniel Jones started the game and stayed in for the better part of the first half. He went 17/22 with 135 yards and a touchdown. While it was a boring quarter and first half, at least Danny Dimes looked solid.

On the other side of the ball, the defense was average–allowing Damien Harris and the Patriots’ running back crew to rush for 128 yards throughout the whole game. While that number does include garbage time and backups, it did still appear that New England was having no trouble running the ball against the G-men.

The Giants’ secondary did look sharp against Cam Newton, only allowing him to complete two of his five attempts. When Mac Jones got into the game, it happened to be a different story but the secondary still played like a top-15 defense.

After the second quarter and a touchdown from the Giants, the score was 7-6 Giants.

Second Half Scoring Lead to an Exciting Finish

In the second half, the Giants turned it up with a pair of touchdowns–both of which came from the arm of Mike Glennon. In the third quarter, the Patriots jumped up om the Giants and burned their defense on both the ground and in the air. After New England put up 13 points in the 3rd quarter, the Giants had to respond in the fourth.

In the fourth, the Giants started off with two field goals to pull closer with New England. After those field goals, Nick Folk booted one of his own to put the Pats up by eight. With eight seconds left in the game, Glennon threw a 43-yard touchdown to Damion Willis to pull them within two. When the chance for a two-point conversion rolled around, Glennon just missed the outstretched arms of his receiver. That sealed the deal for a Patriots knee and a disappointing end to the Giants’ pre-season.

Outlook and What’s Next

After this loss, the Giants will be looking forward to their home matchup against the Denver Broncos. Even after a game where they fell just short, the defense still looked sharp. The Giants should be ready to cut the roster down, take their week off and prepare to face off against the Teddy Bridgewater-led Broncos.

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