Was the Rangers Identity changed with Added Grit?

The New York Rangers made quite the additions this offseason. Most Notably, they added lots of Grit to the roster. This includes many players like Ryan Reaves, Patrik Nemeth, and Sammy Blais along with many more. The Rangers’ identity has been the same for quite some time now, these past few years they have been mostly known for their offense. And back in the mid-2010s, they were known for their elite defense and goaltending. Now, you might ask yourself the question, are the Rangers now known for their Grit? This argument may go a few ways but I say no, and there is a few reasons why.

What is the Rangers’ “identity” on the ice?

It is obvious that the Rangers added much Grit this offseason but was the reasoning behind this to make the Rangers known as a physical and Gritty team? We all know that the Rangers have a great offense lead by Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, and many more. But one thing that the Rangers lacked was the physicality and toughness that plenty of other playoff teams had. So, the Rangers definitely took a rather different approach to the offseason and signed “Grit” Players but, the team’s identity as a whole was not changed.

So what can we expect this year?

We can expect the fast-paced and high-scoring offense like years prior but, with a little twist. In years prior the Rangers haven’t had a real player in the enforcer role since Tanner Glass. Now the Rangers will have a good group of guys that can help defend their teammates and themselves from guys like Tom Wilson.

Will these Additions make the Rangers a playoff team?

The Rangers will most certainly be more competitive than last season. With the Additions of these tough and physical players, the Rangers can make a statement out there on the ice and be able to back it up with goals from their high-powered offense. The Rangers are easily in one of the hardest divisions in Hockey, if not the hardest. But, the Rangers can definitely compete with their improved roster. Furthermore, some other teams are starting to regress like the Penguins and Capitals.

Final Thoughts

If the Rangers can keep their elite offense intact for the rest of the offseason, I would say the Rangers are most likely safe Playoff Contenders. The reason behind this is because of their Offseason Additions with their Grit and toughness. Also not to forget the hiring of Head Coach Gerard Gallant. With the Rangers great Offense and their Defense led by Norris Winner Adam Fox, the Rangers can most certainly be in contention for the playoffs, and maybe even more if they get hot at the right time. The Rangers can realistically reach the 3rd seed in the Metro if they continue to keep up their great offense followed up by their great defense and goaltending. Fans should most certainly be excited about this new look of the New York Rangers.


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