Will Steve Cohen Live Up To His Promise?

This offseason, the New York Mets made one of the most intriguing moves. The Wilpons sold the team to Steve Cohen, making him one of the richest owners in baseball. Cohen was very clear about what he wanted to do as the owner. He wanted to spend money. He ended up doing that. He also said although he doesn’t think the Mets are there yet, he thinks they will win a world series within the next five years. The question is, can he do it?

What Cohen Has Done Thus Far

Steve Cohen began his promise this offseason. He made some moves and was in the conversation or many others. He started the offseason by signing Trevor May and James McCann to fill a few needs. May has been good, but McCann hasn’t. However, I wouldn’t blame Cohen for that because McCann was coming off two good years in Chicago.

After this, Cohen made the big splash. He acquired Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco from the Indians in a blockbuster trade. He later went on to sign Lindor to a 10 year 341 million dollar extension. Cohen wasn’t done trying to spend a lot of money yet, as he put the Mets in the conversation for two top free agents. The first guy was George Springer. Springer wanted way too much money, and Cohen was only willing to spend a certain amount, which was still too much in my opinion. The second guy was Trevor Bauer. Cohen put everything out there for Bauer. He offered him what would’ve been the biggest contract for a pitcher in MLB history, but Bauer ultimately chose the Dodgers.

A Look Into Cohen’s World Series Promise

Cohen said it would be “a failure” if the Mets don’t win a World Series in the next 3-5 years. He also mentioned that he doesn’t believe the team is quite there yet, which he seemed to be right about. When you consider the things he has already done, the timeline doesn’t seem unrealistic at all. Obviously, the moves he made haven’t panned out fully yet. But I would really doubt that Lindor and McCann don’t perform for the duration of their contracts. Also, the offense as a whole was the main issue. since those were all existing pieces, there’s nothing he could do about that.

The Mets already have a few intriguing prospects in the system, such as Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty. They are all a few years away, but they will make huge impacts for the Mets. The Mets also already have several pieces on the roster. Guys like Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, Jacob deGrom, and as mentioned already Fransisco Lindor will likely be long-term Mets. Brandon Nimmo could also receive an extension at some point. Michael Conforto is on his contract year, so we will have to see what happens with him.

Cohen is also always thinking to get better and to bring players in. This makes it tough to imagine the Mets getting worse than what they are right now. With Cohen in charge, things will always point up when it comes to having talent on the roster.

If The Mets Fail, Is It Cohen’s Fault?

They are the Mets after all, so they could always fail. However, the only thing Cohen could fail at is not being able to bring anyone in. If he brings players in and spends money, but the Mets don’t perform, how can you blame him? He isn’t on the field after all. However, the Mets could only be in a position to win if Cohen and the front office assemble a winning team. If Cohen can get the guys he wants on the field, it’s tough to imagine Steve Cohen’s tenure with the Mets being a failure.

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