Why The Kyrie Irving Trade “Chatter” Has to Stop

Recently, there has been some buzz around the league that the Brooklyn Nets may trade Kyrie Irving. Some have suggested that Irving acts too much as a distraction for Brooklyn and that they would be better off without him. One sports media figure, in particular, Nick Wright, has been a big proponent of a potential Irving for Ben Simmons deal. In fact, Wright tweeted out yesterday that if the Nets were to trade Irving for anyone, Irving would simply *retire for the NBA*

Why this tweet is ridiculous

First of all, the Nets are not looking to trade Kyrie Irving. They never have and will not look to do so in the near future. Irving is the most valuable piece to this team behind Kevin Durant. He chose to come to Brooklyn when he could have gone elsewhere. And, most important of all, his talent is unmatched. What Irving brings to the table is elite scoring, ball vision, and playmaking ability. Sean Marks understands this. This is why Irving is in Brooklyn for the long run.

Ben Simmons would make no sense for the Nets

While the Kyrie Irving trade buzz is mostly stirred up from unreliable sources, there’s no doubt that Ben Simmons is on the trade block. But really? Ben Simmons to the…Nets? How on earth would that work? Simmons is a rare case of regressing every new season he has played since his rookie year. From being afraid to shoot a layup to being flat-out unplayable in the final minutes of playoff games, Simmons on the Nets would just not work. The Nets style of play is spacing the floor with everyone being able to shoot from behind the arc. Clearly, Simmons is not capable of that, and would only cause dysfunction on the court. Some would make the silly argument that at least Simmons would be available more than Kyrie during the season. Well, I would rather have Kyrie Irving 50% of the time than Ben Simmons 100% of the time.

What has become of sports media?

Nick Wright made an entire segment on his show about a potential Kyrie Irving-Ben Simmons deal. He managed to do this with no sources, no reports whatsoever. He practically pulled this “story” out of the figments of his imagination and made a whole debate centered around it. Whatever happened to integrity and, just, having respect for your fans who watch the show? There was no basis to Nick Wright’s claim of this trade other than his weird obsession with mocking the Nets.

I am not saying people can’t have crazy sports opinions. We all do. But what Nick Wright did wrong was that he was presenting this trade as a real possibility, when in reality, it’s not. And that is not right. Clearly, I was not the only one who thought this, as Kyrie Irving took to Twitter to share his response. 

Regardless of what Nick Wright says, Irving is here to stay in Brooklyn. And our fans couldn’t be more excited for the start of this season.

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