Giants Lose Primetime Game in Heartbreaking Fashion

The New York Giants played the Washington Football Team on primetime tonight. In typical Giants fashion, the game ended with a heartbreaking loss that could’ve been easily avoided. New York had multiple opportunities to win the game and came up short. Here’s a summary of all the heartbreak:

1st Quarter: Giants Start Strong

The first quarter opened with the most hopeful sequence for Giants fans. Washington received and went 3 and out off of a huge sack from Azeez Ojulari. Unfortunately, this would be the last sack the Giants would have.

Their first drive was everything a fan could want. A solid mix of run and pass, utilization of Daniel Jones in the run game, and Jason Garrett wasn’t playing his normal conservative style. The drive ended on a touchdown run from Jones, and the Giants would take the lead.

The defense started strong after, forcing another 3 and out. Daniel Jones and the offense got the ball looking to grow their lead midway through the first. Nick Gates was badly injured early in the drive and carted off the field, which seriously hurt the offensive line. Despite that, they drove all the way to field goal range, and in typical Giants fashion, they shot themselves in the foot. A false start on Andrew Thomas followed by a sack on Jones the next play pushed them out of field goal range.

Washington would tie the game the next drive as the defense began to fall apart.

2nd Quarter: Washington Takes the Lead

After an even first, the Giants decide to carry their sluggish play into the second quarter. The Giants’ defense continued to play incredibly soft zone, giving Terry McLaurin incredible space to make catches. He would torch the sorry excuse for a defense the Giants had tonight.

On their only lengthy drive of the second, Daniel Jones would have a 58-yard touchdown run nullified by a holding call on C.J. Board. This mistake was the first of the large ones that ultimately lost the game for them. They settled for 3 points and gave Washington one more chance to score before the half. Washington scores in easy fashion right before the half ends to take a 14-10 lead.

Giants Find Some Momentum in The 3rd

Despite how the Giants played, they were able to find momentum in the 3rd. Their first drive, which should have been a touchdown, ended in a field goal. Their defense made a crucial stop and the Giants got back to work. They took the lead back on a huge throw to Darius Slayton. This was the last touchdown scored by the Giants. Washington got a field goal their next drive, and going into the 4th the Giants were driving with the ball.

The G-men drove all the way to field goal range to start the 4th quarter. However, this is New York, and so Daniel Jones got sacked, forcing them to just barely settle for 3. Washington had a great drive to follow up, but it stalls and they also kick a field goal.

Everything Falls Apart

The ball went back to the Giants midway through the fourth. The G-men needed to find a way into the endzone. On first and 10 on Washington’s 43, Daniel Jones took his shot. Washington had a breakdown in coverage and Slayton was 20 yards from the nearest defender, running down the middle of the field. Jones hits him in his hands… and he drops it in the endzone. Giants get back-to-back false start penalties on 3rd and 5 and have to settle for 3.

The Washington Football team would have a two-play drive resulting in a toe-tap touchdown from Ricky Seals-Jones, giving them a 27-26 lead.

The offense almost gave up entirely the next drive, punting with 3 minutes to go in hopes their defense can get a stop. Their defense did exactly that three plays later.

James Bradberry, who has had a horrible first two games and was getting burnt by McLaurin all game, does the unimaginable. Bradberry jumps McLaurin’s route and picks of Taylor Heinicke, giving the Giants the ball on Washington’s 25 late in the game.

Given the ball with just over two minutes, on the opposing team’s 25, the Giants have an easy chance to win the game. All they needed was to get a single first down, burn out the clock, and kick the game-winner. They didn’t get the first, and they kicked a field goal, which gave Washington two minutes and a timeout to score.

Washington drove all the way to field goal range on the G-men. And with the game on his back, Dustin Hopkins… missed the kick. Of course, in typical Giants fashion, Dexter Lawrence went offsides, and they get to rekick. Hopkins makes it, and the Giants start off 0-2 for the fifth straight year.

Missed Opportunities Cost the Giants

This game was a very winnable one for the G-men. They had multiple touchdowns quite literally in their hands and blew it. They settled for field goals and couldn’t finish drives. So many huge costly mistakes were why the Giants lost. They could’ve won the game on 3 different plays, and they shot themselves in the foot every single time. Defensively, they were soft for 90% of the game, and Graham didn’t make any adjustments all game. The Giants lost all three phases of tonight’s game in the most heartbreaking fashion.

The Giants play the Falcons next week in NY at 1:00 pm EST. They’ll look to right the ship and get in the win column.

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