Knicks Prospect Profile: Miles McBride

After a successful 2020-21 season, the New York Knicks look to make it over the hump this year. They had their most successful season in nearly a decade. However, there is still plenty of ground to cover before they can even consider competing for a title. To do that, however, they will need to improve as a team. They worked towards this goal over the summer by making several transactions, notably through the signing of hometown hero Kemba Walker. However, the Knicks bolstered their roster in all areas, not just through flashy signings. One notable roster move they made that flew under the radar was the signing of rookie Miles McBride.

Miles McBride Background

McBride was a standout athlete in high school and carried over his success to the University of West Virginia. While at West Virginia, McBride was one of the most consistent players in the nation and was rewarded for it. In his first year there, McBride was awarded a spot on the Big-12 All-Freshman Team in 2020. The following year, he was selected for the All-Big 12 Team, where he was given a spot on the second team. All in all, McBride was a stellar player in college.

How did McBride end up on the Knicks?

If you watched the 2021 NBA Draft, you would know that Miles McBride wasn’t actually drafted by the Knicks. Rather, he was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder used their second-round pick to select McBride 36th overall. However, this was more of a draft-and-trade deal. Oklahoma City soon sent McBride to the Knicks in exchange for Jeremiah Robinson-Earl. Later in the summer, McBride went on to sign a multi-year deal with the Knicks, ensuring his spot on the team for the coming few seasons.

How should McBride fare on the Knicks?

It’s always difficult to predict how a rookie will perform in his first season as a professional. However, as many fans do, we can always speculate. In college, McBride was a shifty point guard who was able to do almost everything effectively. He was a consistent passer and rebounder and was thus able to contribute to his team without needing to score. Despite this, McBride can also score effectively, as he averaged nearly sixteen points per game in his sophomore season. His career collegiate average line was 15.9 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 4.8 assists. McBride also fared well shooting the three, with a 41.4% three-point percentage.

With this said, it is clear that McBride was a fantastic player at the collegiate level. However, can he carry that performance on to the next level? Although the NBA Summer League has nowhere near the level of competition as the regular season, McBride performed well. He averaged almost the same numbers as he did in college. When the regular season begins, we can reasonably expect McBride’s numbers to plummet, at least at the beginning of the season. After all, he will likely be the third or fourth point guard in the depth chart at the absolute best. However, McBride has shown time and time again that he is a special player, so I believe that when he gets a chance to touch the floor at the NBA level, he should be a solid player for the Knicks.

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