Backup Quarterback Options For The Giants

The New York Giants are looking for backup quarterback options this offseason since they are intending to keep Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback. With Mike Glennon and Jake Fromm not proving to be viable options for the Giants, they are now going to look for upgrades. Davis Webb was added to the Giants roster on February 7, 2022. He has familiarity with Brian Daboll’s offensive system, so he is an in-house candidate to possibly win the backup quarterback job. However, it would be more likely for the Giants to shop for backup quarterback options via free agency and trade.

Accomplished Veteran NFL QBs

If the Giants want to add experience to their quarterback room via free agency, there is no shortage of options. Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Tyrod Taylor, and Teddy Bridgewater fit into that category. The Giants may opt to go for an athletic quarterback, but if they want experience to push Daniel Jones, then those four would be great options to choose from.

Dalton has started 148 games in the NFL, so he has plenty to share with Jones in terms of mentorship. Newton was a former NFL MVP winner, but he has fallen off since then and is willing to take a backup quarterback job. Taylor has served as a bridge quarterback under numerous teams and is a good mentor. Lastly, Bridgewater gives experience in the quarterback room as he has started 63 games in the NFL. If the Giants want experienced veterans as backup quarterbacks, then they should consider signing these quarterbacks.

Quarterback Options With Potential

Having potential in the backup quarterback room would serve as a plus to the Giants quarterback room. Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Jacoby Brissett, and Mitchell Trubisky all fit this bill. These four guys are projects though and may be older versions of Daniel Jones. They all have potential, but flaws are also in their play styles.

Winston has cut down his turnovers when he last played, but he is coming off of a torn ACL. Mariota has intriguing potential, but he has not been a full-time starter since the beginning of the 2019 NFL season. Brissett has started in emergency situations, but he has not proven to be the guy that can consistently win games for his team. Trubisky has familiarity with Brian Daboll, but he also has more question marks than answers in his style of play.

Outside-Of-The-Box Options

The Giants could also elect to get creative with their backup quarterback options. They could hypothetically trade for Nick Foles since he is a former Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He has been known to give teams solid production when he is listed as a backup. Experience would be given to Daniel Jones as well. If the Giants could make the money work with Foles’ contract, then it would be an interesting option to look at.

Another option the Giants could elect to go with is Tyler Huntley. He has started four games in his NFL career and he has been promising. Huntley is an athletic quarterback that is young and if the Giants want to give themselves options, he could be that guy. Brian Daboll likes athletic quarterbacks and Huntley fits that description. He could serve as an option to replace Jones if he struggles early on in the Brian Daboll era.


The Giants need to look for a backup quarterback that has experience. They also need a quarterback that can be athletic in order to have a similar skillset to Daniel Jones. Brian Daboll, the Giants head coach, prefers athletic quarterbacks. The best fit for that option would be Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky has experience as a former NFL starter and he has familiarity with Daboll’s system. He could hypothetically provide quarterback competition for Jones if necessary. Trubisky would either serve as a mentor to Jones or he could hypothetically come in and play a couple of solid games. It would be similar to the Case Keenum situation with the Browns.

In any case, these are some of the options that the Giants have for their backup quarterback position. Regardless of who they pick, this will be an important decision for them to make this offseason–especially as the Daboll era begins. 

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