Giants Preseason Game Review

Last night the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 23-21 in their first preseason game of 2022. Although the regular season means little to some due to the lack of reality in the starting lineup, there can be many takeaways from these games. Let’s dive into the Giants’ performance on Thursday night.

Offensive Performance

We’ll start with the offensive performance. Daniel Jones is the biggest piece to this team, and their season depends on him. He went out there to start the game going 6/10 for 69 yards. He led the Giants to a field goal on their first drive. However, Jones was sacked and the offense allowed Jones to get hit a few times. Despite allowing Jones to get hit, the offensive line was outstanding, especially in the run game. They made plenty of room for their backs to run. The stats showed as the Giants carried the ball 33 times for a total of 177 yards, an average of 5.3 yards per carry. The run game was carried by running back, Antonio Williams. But, Saquon Barkley had reps out there as well. 

Saquon is a guy fans were happy to see out there as he had been battling serious injuries in his first two seasons. He ended up carrying the ball 4 times for 13 yards along with a reception for 8 yards. Lastly, Tyrod Taylor looked really good as he threw for 129 yards and a touchdown. It is safe to say Taylor is a huge upgrade from previous backup quarterback Mike Glennon.

Defensive Performance

There is not much to say about the defensive performance last night because it is a preseason game. There are a lot of guys out there just trying to get reps, so there were tons of penalties. The game wasn’t as clean as a regular season game, of course. But, guys like Kayvon Thibidoeux went out for some reps, which excited the fans. 

Other guys who impressed included Darren Evans (3 tackles and 1 assist), Aaron Robinson (3 tackles), and Austin Calitro (2 tackles, 2 assists, and 1 int). Although these three guys may not be star players, it’s exciting to see anyone succeed in preseason games. These are guys who have a chance to make an impact in the regular season if given the chance and are guys to look out for after their preseason performances.

 Overall Performance

Overall, it is most important that the Giants got the win. Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, the offensive line, and the defense all looked solid last night. That is all Giants fans can ask for. We know the Giants’ aren’t a Superbowl contender at all this season, but the most important thing for them is progress. If they can improve day in and day out, they will be able to win some games and compete. They sure did compete in their first preseason game. The hope is that they can carry that momentum into the next two preseason games and then into the regular season. Game one was a success for the Giants.

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