How Would Juan Soto Fit on the Yankees?

Just before the All-Star Game weekend, outfielder Juan Soto turned down a huge 15-year $440 million contract extension from the Washington Nationals. The Nationals’ front office responded by announcing that the team is now looking to trade him. Should the New York Yankees consider pulling the trigger and acquiring Soto?

Hypothetical Trade?

Soto has generational talent but trading for him would take a pretty penny. The Yankees would need to send the Nationals a huge package for Soto. The Yankees have the prospects to get a deal done but would they be willing to part ways with some of their up-and-coming talent? Hypothetically, fans could be saying goodbye to Oswald Peraza, Jasson Dominguez and maybe even Anthony Volpe. Soto is still under contract until 2024, so if the Yankees acquire him they will have for the rest of this season and the next two seasons after that. 

How Soto Could Help

Soto’s talent could help an already impressive team. It is fun to imagine Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Soto all in the same lineup. There is no question that Soto, as a left-handed hitter, would be a huge upgrade over Joey Gallo. Gallo was awful last season and has been awful so far this season. If Soto was inserted into the Yankees lineup he would most likely hit between Judge and Stanton. It would make pitchers regret walking any of the hitters at the top of the order because the next guy could do major damage. Soto is not just a power hitter. Instead, he is a complete hitter that has a lot of patience at the plate and is willing to shorten his swing to put the ball in play. The Yankees are in need of another situational hitter that can hit a fly ball for a sacrifice fly or an RBI ground out. 

Soto is not the only answer for the Yankees to win the World Series. The Yankees are probably in much more need of another starting pitcher than another outfielder. I would rather the Yankees send a trade package to the Cincinnati Reds for Luis Castillo. Also, Castillo seems a little bit more realistic because he would take a big package but not nearly as big as the one for Soto.  


A Juan Soto deal would have Yankees fans foaming their mouths but I do not think it will happen. The Yankees have a really great team but would be better off trying to get a pitcher. Hopefully, regardless of who it’s for, the Yankees will make a significant trade before the deadline on August 2nd.  

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