Judge is Essential to the Yankees Success

The Yankees are off to a hot start to the season. The Yankees are on an 11-game winning streak with a record of 18-6. Most of their success has come from their pitching staff while their offense started off slow has come around. Even though baseball is a team sport and all the players need to contribute to winning a world series. There is one player that is essential to the Yankee’s success. Aaron Judge is that player for the Yankees. 

Judge’s Defense

Judge is the Yankee’s starting right fielder since 2017. He has been consistently good playing in right field. His height gives him the advantage of robbing home runs or snagging hits before they get over his head. Judge also has a cannon of an arm to throw out adventurous runners trying to advance. Judge can also be moved to centerfield to help balance the out the lineup. In the games, he moves to centerfield allowing Giancarlo Stanton to play right field and keep Torres and Lemahieu in the lineup. 

Judge’s Offense

Judge is a phenomenal offensive player and sometimes on his own can carry the lineup. He has become more than a guy just trying to hit one out of the park. Over the years he has added more contact to his hitting. This helps him and the rest of the lineup out because this means that he is cutting down on strikeouts. In 2017 his rookies season Judge broke the record for striking out in 36 consecutive games. If Judge can continue to cut down on his strikeouts then this will help the Yankees lineup in need of finding more contact for a balanced lineup. Judge tends to have a clutch gene. He does a great job not having the moment get too big for him. Judge is the guy the Yankees want up at the plate with a runner in scoring position. 

Judge’s Leadership

Aaron Judge is the poster boy of the Yankees. Since he represents the Yankees he needs to show the media that he will represent them will on and off the field. Take the middle of the game of the series against the Cleveland Guardians as an example. After Gleyber Torres walked it off fans in right field rudely throw cans at the Guardians outfielders. Judge removed himself from the celebration and ran over to the fans in right field and passionately told them to stop. Judge is trying to show to rest of the league that this behavior was not appropriate and does not represent the Yankees.


When Judge is playing well the team feeds off his success. He is consistent in the outfield, helps balance out the lineup, and Judge’s leadership is shown on and off the field.

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