Should Breece Hall or Michael Carter be the Jets lead running back?

The Jets Running Back Situation

In the second round of the 2022 NFL draft, the New York Jets selected running back, Breece Hall, the star running back out of Iowa State. This selection turned a lot of heads, as the rookie running back, Michael Carter, had an impressive 2021 season. Tevin Coleman is also a part of this backfield but is constantly sustaining injuries. Coleman will get occasional reps, but he’ll be the third-string behind Hall and Carter. The question now is: Who will be the Jets’ lead running back in 2022? 


Michael Carter

Michael Carter had a great rookie season after being drafted by the Jets in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL draft. It seemed as though general manager, Joe Douglas, felt he had a sleeper pick in Carter. This proved to be true in the 2021 season. Carter rushed for 639 yards with four touchdowns, along with 36 receptions for 325 yards. He was the most reliable guy in the backfield for the Jets and proved to be excellent both on the ground and in the air. After his 2021-2022 campaign it seemed as though he’d be the go-to guy, but then Breece Hall stepped right in the door.


Breece Hall

Breece Hall was one of the best running backs in college football last season. Hall was a stud in both his sophomore and junior seasons at Iowa State. In all three of his years, he posted 4675 scrimmage yards and 56 touchdowns. 3941 of those yards came on the ground as well as 50 touchdowns. Hall stands at 6’1 and weighs 220 pounds, making him an elite size and build for a running back in the NFL. He’s a consistent three-down back who is an exceptionally patient runner.


The Lead Running Back

So, will the sophomore or rookie be the lead running back for this young New York Jets team? Breece Hall should be the lead back for this team by week 6. Carter will get the majority of the work in the early weeks since he has the experience from last season. Both Carter and Hall will still work as a committee early on so that the coaches can see what Breece can do in an actual NFL game. If he plays well, which is expected, he will become the lead back for the Jets after a few weeks, week six at the latest.

Although Breece Hall will probably be the lead guy, this backfield will be a committee for the entire season. Hall is the better back on the ground, but Carter is better in the air. Hall should be the early-down back, if successful in his first few weeks of the season, and Carter should be the third-down back. The most important part of this situation is the fact that we know Michael Carter can succeed in a committee. He and Javonte Williams dominated the running game in college at UNC, and they torched the ACC. Some guys don’t play as well in a committee, but Carter is still exceptional. Despite the controversy about who will be the guy for the Jets this season, this backfield could be sneaky. Carter and Hall are both very talented backs. We’ve seen Michael Carter have success in his rookie year. If Hall can do the same, the two would make a great committee for the Jets.


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