What a Joey Gallo Trade Would Look Like

There have been talks about a possible Joey Gallo trade at the MLB trade deadline this season. Gallo came over to the New York Yankees from the Texas Rangers for four prospects in 2021 because the Yankees were interested in his power. Gallo had two seasons with 40 or more home runs in his six-and-a-half seasons with the Rangers. The Yankees knew his ability to make contact and produce hits was not as high level as his ability to hit for power. But so far with the Yankees, he hasn’t been able to hit at all. With the Rangers, he posted a batting average in the low 200s in the seasons he played, but with the Yankees, his average has dropped even more.

His Season So Far

Yankees fans have not been pleased with the play of Joey Gallo ever since he came over from Texas. The frustration has started more recently though. To be fair, Gallo has always played great defense in the outfield. He has a strong arm, is a great size, and can move well out there. But every player needs an offensive game as well. As a home run hitter, Gallo was never expected to post a high batting average. However, there is a point where you have to draw a line. 

Gallo’s .166 batting average this season is below that line. He has had 211 at-bats and only 35 hits. He has struck out 95 times in 72 games played. His OBP is at .287, while his SLG and OPS are at .336 and .623 respectively. Clearly, Gallo’s numbers haven’t been great. It is up to the Yankees as to whether or not they want to give Gallo some more time to prove himself or give him up. The question is which teams want him?

Possible Trade Destinations

The two destinations that make the most sense for Joey Gallo are the San Diego Padres and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Padres have shown interest in Gallo before and seem to be still showing that interest. Especially with the way Gallo is playing right now, the Padres can get him at a low price. If a trade were to happen between these two squads, we would likely see the Yankees receive prospects. These prospects would probably consist of Ray Kerr and Tirso Ornelas

The Phillies are another option for Gallo. They are desperate with Bryce Harper on the injured list and have nothing to lose. Their outfield is not good, to say the least. They might as well give Gallo a shot despite the way he’s been playing with the Yankees. A trade with the Phillies would also be a prospect swap. The Yankees might receive players like Rickardo Perez and Mickey Moniak.

Final Verdict

Although many teams may not want Joey Gallo because of his struggles the past two seasons, some teams do. The Padres, Phillies, or maybe even Rangers could pick him up in a trade before the deadline. Sometimes all it takes for a player is the right team, situation, and opportunity. We’ve seen Joey Gallo’s potential and know he can be a solid power-hitting major league baseball player. Maybe a new team and a fresh start will be what bring Joey Gallo back to life.


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